Best Desktop Pc for Adobe Illustrator

Best Desktop Pc for Adobe Illustrator – For artists, and graphic designers, Adobe Illustrator, is a powerful tool. Here, we’ll look at the best desktop computers for Adobe Illustrator. With these desktop computers, you can be creative, while still being productive, when sketching, designing and illustrating.

Guidelines used in this list of best desktop computers for Adobe Illustrator: First, you must get at least an Intel Core i7 processor. With this, you are able work with detailed, and large designs. This powerful processor, enables use of many layers, without lags and freezes.

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1.HP Elite Desktop PC

Pros & Cons

2.ROG Strix G15CK

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4.Acer Predator Orion 3000

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Best Desktop Pc for Adobe Illustrator – As far as the GPU goes, you should get at least 6GB VRAM GPU, from either Nvidia or AMD. The workload is shared between the CPU and GPU, which means even better performance when using illustrator.

When it comes to the RAM, you should get a minimum of 16GB. With this capacity, you are able to load and open your illustrations faster. Other programs, such as the browser, can also run in the background without taking a performance hit.

All the desktop pcs listed here, meet the criteria set out above, and are therefore suitable for Adobe Illustrator. Also see the best desktop computers for Adobe CC.