Best Desktop Pc for Game Design

Best Desktop Pc for Game Design – Naturally, talent and hard work will get you a lot further than just having a great computer for graphic design, but having a powerful machine will certainly help you to get things done more quickly.

But, why should you pick a computer, rather than a Desktop for graphic design? While there are some great laptops out there that can help with your graphic design work, they generally can’t offer the same level of power and performance as desktop computers due to them needing to be thin, light and portable.

Desktop PCs don’t have to worry about that, which means they are much more powerful, and are more affordable as well. However, because the best computers for graphic design need powerful components like cutting edge graphics cards, don’t expect any of these PCs to be particularly cheap.

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1.HP Omen 875-0129

Pros & Cons

2.New Dell G5 Gaming Desktop

Pros & Cons


Pros & Cons

4.Alienware Aurora R11

Pros & Cons

5.ROG Strix G15CK

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Best Desktop Pc for Game Design – A good gaming desktop can deliver high-fidelity visuals unrivaled by even the most powerful laptop or game console. Paired with the right peripherals—a quick and responsive mouse, a mechanical keyboard, and a good headset—a gaming PC can transform any desk into a battle station, an altar to the gods of burnished aluminum and singing silicon.

Choosing a gaming desktop is no easy feat, though. With a product this expensive, it pays to do some research. There are a ton of numbers, specs, and components you need to figure out, and we’ve crunched ’em all. It feels good to build something with your own hands, but if you don’t want the hassle of building your own PC, these are the best gaming desktops we’ve tested at WIRED.

Updated September 2020: We’ve added the Lenovo Legion C730 Mini Gaming Cube, put some descriptions of the specs you’ll want for each model, and updated the links and prices throughout this guide.