Best Desktop Under 500

Best Desktop Under 500 – The overall cost of pre-built PCs under 500 has dropped precipitously from the early days of computer building. It’s rarely necessary to piece together your own machine just to save a few bucks. Budget PCs are easier to set up because they’re usually ready to go right out of the box. Plus, as a bonus, today’s budget PC can be upgraded to a high-end PC later when your budget allows.

That’s one of the more important things to look for when shopping for a budget PC. You won’t necessarily want to get locked into a budget PC forever. You may want to expand your computer in the years to come. Some obstacles to avoid in cases like this are soldering on RAM or hard drive, custom motherboards, mini-PCs, and All-in-one (AIO) PCs. Those will definitely prevent making upgrading your PC difficult.

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1.FSP ATX Mid Tower PC

Pros & Cons

2.Dell Optiplex 9020

Pros & Cons

3.Alarco Gaming PC

Pros & Cons

4.Gaming PC Desktop

Pros & Cons

5.HP Elite Desktop PC

Pros & Cons


Best Desktop Under 500 – The best budget PCs fill a lot of holes. They’re not overly powerful, but they don’t have to be. Not everyone has to edit videos or play intensive games. Sometimes, you just want to surf Facebook and play Solitaire. Maybe you want a PC to use as a backup in case your main computer goes down. Budget PCs also make great media centers. Whatever the case, you’ll find a PC in this list that should fit your needs.