Best Desktop Under 800

Best Desktop Under 800 – We are at the end of our in-depth guide to the best custom PC for under $800. This PC brings gaming into 1080 and 1440p while also being powerful enough for VR gaming too. Consoles don’t come close to this build, and you can expect a high FPS count in your favorite AAA game titles. At $800, compromises had to be made, but gaming performance has been the main priority, making this the best gaming PC for the price.

We recommend going with the AMD build option to ensure you not only get an enjoyable gaming experience but enjoy your PC regardless of the task.

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1.Flagship Dell Inspiron 3000

Pros & Cons

2.HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop

Pros & Cons

3.ASUS D340MC Desktop PC

Pros & Cons

4.ASUS ExpertCenter D500SA

Pros & Cons

5.Lenovo M93P SFF

Pros & Cons


Best Desktop Under 800 – Before we breakdown, the individual components of our AMD build path, let’s discuss what you can expect from an $800 gaming PC. While this is considered to be in the mid-range, you can still guarantee an excellent gaming experience. These components are sure to cope with any AAA game titles you throw at them, especially in 1080p.