Best Gaming Pc for Battlefield 1

Best Gaming Pc for Battlefield 1 – Battlefield V Gladiator have selected custom Battlefield V gaming PCs for an essential gaming experience in Battlefield V at each budget range. From budget Battlefield V gaming PCs all the way up to high performance Battlefield V PCs, we’ve hand picked the systems that will maximise your gaming experience. Built to Win Get ready to lead your team to victory in one of the most iconic Wars in history! This isn’t like the World War II that you learnt at school, this is YOUR World War II! Beginning with the Fall of Europe, you and your soldiers will take your first steps on this epic unprecedented journey.

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1.ASUS ROG Strix GT35

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2.Mytrix Gamer

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3.Adamant Custom 10-Core Extreme

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5.SkyTech Shadow 3.0

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Best Gaming Pc for Battlefield 1 – Battlefield V has gone back to its roots in a never seen before portrayal of World War II. Not only will there be battles and gunfights but you will also build fortresses, repair structures that have been damaged in war and create and customise your own soldiers, weapons and vehicles and also how they play.