Best Gaming Pc for Cities Skylines

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Best Gaming Pc for Cities Skylines – Cities Skyline, is one of the enjoyable city building and simulation games to play. For that reason, we’ll look at the best desktop computers for Cities Skyline. These PCs, enable you to have high frame rates, large draw distances, use mod and many assets.

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1.Dell Optiplex 7010

2.Alienware Aurora R7 7906SLV

3.HP Elite C2D

4.MSI MPG Trident 3



Best Gaming Pc for Cities Skylines – Criteria used for best cities skyline desktop pc; first, you need at least an Intel Core i7/ Ryzen 7 processor. This game, is CPU intensive. The powerful processor, enables you to have really large cities. Secondly, you should buy a pc with at least an Nvidia 1060 GPU, or equivalent. This enables you to use mods, and large draw distances. This is without running into performance issues. As far as the RAM goes, you should get a desktop computer with at least 16GB RAM. With this, you are able to use hundreds of assets, while still maintaining good performance.