Best Htpc for kodi

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Best Htpc for kodi – The best mini PC for Kodi should be compact, cheap and still powerful enough to perform basic tasks. Small computers are suitable for surfing the Internet, using web-based apps, working with documents and watching videos. You may also connect them to your monitor or TV.

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1.ACEPC AK2 Desktop

2.Mini PC,Intel Celeron J4125

3.Lenovo ThinkCentre M720s

4.ACEPC T11 Mini PC

5.Microsoft Authorized


Best Htpc for kodi – You can install Kodi on computer that runs on Linux or Windows. A mini PC is a perfect option for Kodi if you want to use your own media server or play games. I have prepared an informative article that will save you plenty of time and help you choose the best computer for Kodi.