Best Air Cooling Cases

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Best Air Cooling Cases – If you have reached so far in this article, we assume you have already checked out all the listed PC cases in the article and also read the buying guide by now. So, we assume you are currently deciding and picking up the best suitable PC case for yourself. We hope you are not having any difficulties or confusion related to anything about the PC cases as we have covered it all in the buying guide for you.

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Lian Li managed to impress with the original Lancool II and its built-in RGB lighting. However, some consumers were looking for a variant which allowed for more airflow, which is why Lian Li has now added another chassis to their product stack, the Lancool II Mesh with a fine front mesh cover.

The chassis will be available in two variants: a “Performance” version which comes with a slightly more potent fan setup and built-in fan controller and the one we will be reviewing here, an RGB variant with a 3x 120 mm ARGB fan configuration and the required controller to adjust the lighting.

2.Fractal Design Meshify 2

Fractal Design has had the Meshify series around for a few years, but it always seemed a bit of an afterthought, which the naming scheme of the original Meshify C or Meshify S2 reflects in a way. It looks as though this is about to change a bit with the latest iteration we are reviewing today as it is simply called the Meshify 2.

This looks to set it up for further numeric expansion in the future, just like Fractal has done with the Define series. The Fractal Design Meshify 2 is available in five variants—you may pick from among different degrees of glass tint or even go for a completely white version if you like.

3.InWin A1 Plus Black Mini-ITX

The In Win A1 is a compact chassis that clearly speaks the design language we have come to love from the company, but aims to combine a compact size with excellent balance in compatibility. To achieve this, the unit comes with a 600 W PSU purpose-built for the chassis, which gives it an edge over other brands that may not have the ability to design their own power supplies.

While we have the classic A1 in black for review, you also have the choice of a white version. In Win even followed up with the A1 Plus, which upgrades the PSU slightly and includes two fans right out of the box.

4.Cooler Master NR200

Cooler Master has admittedly been hit or miss in the past when it comes to Mini ITX. Their Elite 130 and 110 were pretty decent, their H100 was rather poorly received, however. What does Cooler Master do when they miss the mark? They take notes, take feedback, and go back to the lab.

This time they came out with the NR200 and you know what? They nailed it. I could end the review there. The NR200 is just shy of the overall size of 20L just squeezing it into that Small Form Factor segment while allowing for a wide range of cooling options and graphics card configurations.

5.Anidees AI Crystal Cube

When it comes to cases, there are a few ways to go when looking for a chassis, beyond the size of it. You can opt to go with an open-air chassis, which is more for testing and benching, but many do like their parts to be put on display out in the open. There are always the standard tower cases out there as a choice too, and no matter the styling or the features, they are by far the most used option.

There are horizontal setups to pick through like those used for HTPC solutions and the like, but we do see that gamers and modders tend to like these cases too. Then, there are cube cases. Usually squat in nature, some with horizontal motherboard trays, some hung vertically, but mainly, the goal is to provide a ton of air, cleanliness, and in our opinion, a better way of maximizing the space.


Best Air Cooling Cases – Since you have decided to build a new PC for yourself, you must be looking out there for the best PC components possible. Apart from the PC’s performance, the way it would look on your desk matters a lot. For that, we suggest you to spend on a decent-looking PC case that not only looks good but also has good airflow to keep your PC components cool.