Best Itx Cases for Watercooling

Best Itx Cases for Watercooling – The main selling factor of Mini ITX cases is they’re much smaller and don’t waste any space, but that’s also what makes them so challenging to build in. There isn’t a single square inch of wasted space inside a Mini ITX case, which also means each square-inch will be essential to you for squeezing in a larger GPU, a second solid-state drive, or even what would seem like a simple power cable in a larger chassis.

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1.Lian Li O11DXL-X O11

Pros & Cons

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic made quite the splash when it was released, prompting Lian Li to follow up with a more affordable “Air” variant. Clearly, the partnership with Der B8uer is paying off as Lian Li has now released the O11 Dynamic XL we are reviewing today. Is is not only a larger, but also a more advanced and capable take on the original O11 Dynamic.

The O11 Dynamic was a case we liked enough to keep around for housing one of our work PCs. The layout is nonstandard, from the side intake vents to the placement of the PSU and storage, but it works. It may be the only case we’ve ever tested with a completely sealed-off glass front panel that still managed to perform actually well in testing.

The O11 Air variant impressed us somewhat less, but improved substantially when the dust filtration was removed. Now, in 2019, Lian Li is introducing the O11 XL, a larger version of the original case, still bearing the Der8auer badge for his initial work on the O11 Dynamic.

2.Cooler Master NR200 SFF

Pros & Cons

Over the last few years, I’ve found myself falling into the niche ITX chassis market, building in cases like the NCase M1, Dan A4, and Louqe Ghost, all fantastic chassis but always hard to find with a price that will test how committed you are to the build.

Earlier this year, Cooler Master decided to flip the market on its head and release the NR200, the latest chassis in the Masterbox lineup. This solution, as you already know, is an ITX chassis offered in two colorways; black and white. An additional SKU was released separately as well, offering a tempered glass side panel, the NR200p.


Pros & Cons

Of course, clear shortcuts have been taken to bring this kind of feature set to the table at this price. The sheet metal is quite thin, the paint job on the interior doesn’t ooze quality like more expensive cases, and the case doesn’t even include basic essentials such as a power LED, HDD LED, or a reset switch. There’s no USB Type-C to be found here, either.

However, none of those things really matter at this price – when finished, a system in the P360A genuinely looks good, cools well, and it’s easy to assemble. In case you haven’t guessed yet, the Phanteks P360A is easily deserving of a spot on our Best PC Cases list as Best Budget ATX case. Let’s find out why, shall we?

4.Fractal Design Node 202

Pros & Cons

We have the pleasure of reviewing the Fractal Design NODE 202 today. It comes in two variants – with or without the Fractal Design 450W 80Plus Bronze SFX PSU pre-installed. We got the latter for a closer look.

Here is what Fractal Design has to say about their latest chassis: The Node 202 is the ultimate PC case for those looking for a beautifully designed, compact chassis that can house a capable gaming build.

This small footprint is an intelligently built unit where extreme detail was placed into the design phase to get every line and spec in perfect harmony. With both horizontal and vertical orientation possibilities, the Node 202 can be placed anywhere in the house. The sleek design makes it very attractive next to the TV in the living room or on your desk in the office.

5.NZXT H510 – CA-H510B-B1

Pros & Cons

The current trend of RGB lighting and tempered glass panels makes it obvious that many people like to showcase their system builds. NZXT’s H510 Elite is just that, a show case (pardon the pun) that puts your system on display and includes everything an enthusiast could ask for.

But, at  (UK price as yet unknown), the H510 Elite faces stiff competition, especially from the company’s own H510 and H510i chassis. Those bringing your RGB fans over from a previous build could save as much as one hundred dollars by opting for the H510 or H510i.


Best Itx Cases for Watercooling – Big, flashy gaming PCs may get more attention for their looks and all the power that can be packed inside, but there’s a lot to love about a compact, Mini ITX build. With a great Mini ITX case, you can pack in all you need for your computer into a build that’s no bigger than a video game console. It’s not just the size, though, but also the fact that you can now put surprisingly powerful components into these builds. Processers and graphics cards just keep getting better, and now you can find plenty of powerful components that run cool enough to live inside the tighter quarters of a Mini ITX case.