Best Matx Cases for Watercooling

Best Matx Cases for Watercooling – Many would argue that this makes mITX cases the best of both worlds.

Knowing this, we’ve set out to find the best of the best in this balanced category of cases (try saying that 5 times fast!). We rounded up our top ten picks and included a buyer’s guide below to help you find the best micro ATX case for your needs.

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1.NZXT H510i – CA-H510i-W1

Pros & Cons

NZXT’s design is still top-notch. It’s awesome that you can get a fully decked out modern PC case for $110 without having to settle for some slapped-together piece of steel. Like its predecessor, the H510i has a sleek and considered look. The key visual feature is the shroud that hides the power supply. This puts all of the focus on the more exciting components.

But the H510i, like with other NZXT cases, features built-in cable lanes, guides, and Velcro straps. It’s so easy to keep your build looking clean and organized, that you’ll just find yourself doing it automatically.

2.Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB

Pros & Cons

The new Corsair Obsidian 4000 series cases look remarkably like 350D and 450D siblings from 6 to 7 years ago, and that’s a good thing. Sometimes I like taking a step into the past, and these were hugely popular cases at the time. I know lots of people that had them – for good reason. Of course, by today’s standards they’re outdated (and end of life), so it’s nice to see Corsair drop what seems to be a series of successors.

The 4000X RGB comes with three fans behind a tempered glass panel at the front of the chassis. The 4000D will come with two non-RGB fans, with the front either covered with a solid metal slab or a meshed front panel on the 4000D Airflow.

3.Phanteks Enthoo 719

Pros & Cons

I still look back and believe that the release of that case in 2014 was groundbreaking. Phanteks was simply doing things no one else had tried. My personal rig has been in an Evolv X for the last year, and that is easily the best made enclosure I’ve ever encountered. Early in 2019, Phanteks announced the long anticipated successor to the Enthoo Luxe by showing off prototypes of the Luxe 2.

Phanteks later announced that they were changing the name of that enclosure to the Enthoo 719. Despite the name change the case is an obvious and worthy successor to the Enthoo Luxe, though like its original namesake, it is not without a few thorns.

4.Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL

Pros & Cons

HDD cages must be removed through the top of the PSU shroud and will not fit through the side of the case. This was true of the non-XL Meshify 2 as well, but we mention it here because the XL includes two cages rather than one, creating a traffic jam underneath the shroud–we chose to remove the cage closest to the PSU to give ourselves extra cable management room, but this requires removing the front HDD cage first to get it out of the way.

This is in addition to the fact that the cages are screwed in from the bottom of the case, requiring flipping the whole system over and taking the bottom filter off to move or remove them. Fractal has chosen this approach over the single thumbscrew method in order to allow the cages to be repositioned, so there is a valid reason, but that doesn’t make it less annoying to deal with.


Pros & Cons

Cougar has come a long way in recent years, offering quite an extensive product line-up for the gamer and enthusiast out there. This includes gaming peripherals, chairs, power supplies, cooling, and cases. We had the liberty to review both their traditional enclosures, like the Panzer, and the compact QBX in the past. Today, we take a look at their most elaborately designed case to date, the Cougar Conquer.

The Conquer is a huge case. It’s easy to underestimate its size in pictures because of its unusual shape, but it’s large enough to easily fit a full ATX board at a diagonal, making it both taller and wider than standard cases. The vast majority of the chassis is constructed from 5mm thick aluminum and both sides are tempered glass, making it much heavier than the skeletal frame implies. It’s technically an open air chassis, but with a case-like frame, providing mounting points for several fans.


Best Matx Cases for Watercooling – There are a lot of PC case form factors out there. Not enough to be blown away, but just enough to make you scratch your head. Amongst the ranks of PC cases, there are small form factor cases, some being smaller than others. The micro ATX fits into this particular niche.

While mATX cases aren’t the smallest out there, they offer a balanced blend of performance and size, taking up significantly less desk space than a mid-tower, but offering much greater performance and more expansion slots than an mITX.