Best Micro Atx Cases for Gaming

Best Micro Atx Cases for Gaming – If you are familiar with computers, then you must know that you need the right computer case to fit all of your components inside. Even if you are going with a highly popular form factor like micro ATX, it is quite important to pick the right case or cabinet for your PC.

To help you out, we have stated the best micro ATX cases alongside their specifications and features. After going through the detailed buying guide stated above, picking up the right one should be fairly easy. If not, then you can consider going with one of our favorite recommendations for the best micro ATX cases:

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1.Corsair Obsidian 750D

Pros & Cons

Corsair’s case lineup has been growing over time with a trickle down approach, as they launched with the venerable (and expensive) Obsidian 800D and have been able to shrink all the way down to the Carbide 200R. Yet outside of the Obsidian 900D, their enthusiast high end (as opposed to the obscene beast that is the 900D) has actually remained relatively unchanged.

Today the Obsidian 750D launches, covering the space the 700D and 800D used to occupy while trickling down the 900D’s industrial design.


Pros & Cons

Apevia’s Prodigy line of Micro-ATX computer cases brings forth both function and glamour to your PC computer. With a mesh front panel,it shows off two of our brilliant RGB fans, as well as a third in the rear. These fans glow bright with both an inner as well as an outer RGB ring, and come with 16 color modes which can be controlled by the minimalist LED button on the top.

The top panel houses two USB2.0, one USB3.0 and audio jacks for the use of external devices. The Prodigy comes with a full size tempered glass side panel for easy viewing of your internal setup. It can support video cards up to 350mm in length without any hassle.Show off this cool case, both in style as well as ventilation as the front panel comes with a mesh, allowing cool air to enter unimpeded.

3.Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L

Pros & Cons

Back in January at CES when we visited with Cooler Master they showed us their Q300L and Q300P mini-tower cases. These cases not only looked great, but had an equally great price  for the Q300L and for the Q300P. On the inside both of these cases are the same supporting Micro-ATX motherboards, full-size graphics cards, 3 hard drives, and even some water-cooling.

They offer all of that in a very small package. On the outside is where these cases are different. The Q300L is more subtle while the Q300P has extra paneling, handles on the top and bottom, and two RGB LED fans. Let’s take a look at these two affordable cases and see if they are perfect for your next build!

4.Thermaltake Level 20

Pros & Cons

Thermaltake designed this ATX mid-tower chassis with two 4mm thick tempered-glass windows, which make up by far the largest parts of the left and right side panels. You won’t get quite as good a view through the front or top panels, which are covered by mesh instead of glass.

But will still get a fine view through the mesh of the large ARGB-lit fans mounted on the front of the case. The same is also true for any fans you install into the three 120mm fan brackets attached to the top of the chassis.

5.AeroCool Cylon RGB

Pros & Cons

The chassis as you see from the specs list we ‘borrowed’ from Aerocools website shows the Cylon comes in as a reported mid-tower. Measuring in at 198mm Wide by 459mm height and 413mm deep. The 459mm height puts us just above what has traditionally accepted a mid-tower sizing for height.

Also listed, is the motherboard support which is mITX, mATX and up to full ATX. Drive fitments are reported as five total with three 2.5″ dedicated mounts and two 3.5″ trays which can also mount 2.5″ drives as well. The power supply is full ATX models fitting up to 180mm as listed, which means our standard 160mm unit should fit without issues.


Best Micro Atx Cases for Gaming – The cabinet of your computer is generally overlooked which can affect the temperatures of your computer components quite a lot. You may even get limited in terms of the storage and motherboard compatibility options that you get.