Best Micro Atx Cases

Best Micro Atx Cases – Whether you’re looking for a stylish micro-ATX case that will make a statement, or a mATX case that can accommodate a high-end gaming PC inside of it, one of the options listed above should do the trick for you. There are micro-ATX cases above that come with RGB lights, clearance for even the longest graphics cards, and the ability to house robust liquid cooling systems. And, there are also plenty of budget-friendly options you can use to put together a solid entry-level gaming PC.

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Pros & Cons

Add to that an absolutely brilliant, vibrant, and lavish RGB implementation with two fans, an LED strip and a genuinely effective controller. My day has been made, and if you’re in the market for a case for a budget-oriented system but still want it to look good, this case is for you.

Of course, clear shortcuts have been taken to bring this kind of feature set to the table at this price. The sheet metal is quite thin, the paint job on the interior doesn’t ooze quality like more expensive cases, and the case doesn’t even include basic essentials such as a power LED, HDD LED, or a reset switch. There’s no USB Type-C to be found here, either.

2.NZXT H510i – CA-H510i-W1

Pros & Cons

The only other big changes between this chassis and the H500i sit front and centre on the top I/O panel. The previous set of two USB3 ports has become one USB3 port and a USB Type-C port; a timely and welcome tweak, provided you choose a motherboard that can provide ample full-size USB connectivity on the rear panel.

Less positive is the merging of the 3.5mm mic and headphone jacks into a single combo jack. This means that if you have a headset with separate mic and headphone connectors, or if you want to leave a microphone plugged in while using speakers connected to a rear port, you have to add the clutter of a splitter cable

3.Corsair iCUE 4000X RGB

Pros & Cons

Corsair is a brand synonymous with PCs and is a go-to for everything from RAM to cases. Today we are going to be reviewing the highly regarded 4000-series PC cases. The 4000-series brings three new models into the Corsair family – the 4000D, 4000D Airflow, and the iCUE 4000X RGB. The three models are almost identical, with a few light differences mostly towards the front of the case, so we will largely be focusing on the Airflow and RGB editions.

For anyone who is familiar with Corsair PC cases, when you first lay your eyes upon these, they appear to be an Obsidian successor, looking like a combination of the parts we loved from the Obsidian 450D and 500D to form a unique, aesthetically superior, and affordable new line of PC cases.

4.Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M

Pros & Cons

DP301M is the micro-ATX version of another Antec new gaming series – Dark Phantom. As the Dapper Dark Phantom, DP301M still keeps excellent quality and the capability of being equipped with high-performance components.

It may be small and light, but we never neglect every detail of the case. The ARGB boomerang front panel design represents the agility and speed in the gaming realm. DP301M is the perfect choice for gamers to enter the gaming world.

5.Thermaltake Versa H15

Pros & Cons

Thermaltake has a huge selection of cases that vary from this budget case to massive tempered glass table-like cases designed for the slickest water cooling PCs.

The H15 sits as part of Thermaltake’s Versa range which has a multitude of budget options at its disposal. The first thing to note when it comes to the H15 is this is not an aesthetically pleasing thing to look at, rather the opposite. It does come very cheap, and it will do the job of holding your components all the same, though.


Best Micro Atx Cases – The nice thing about mATX cases and motherboards is that they typically cost quite a bit less than mini-ITX motherboards and cases. In a lot of instances, gamers working with a tight budget can’t afford a mini-ITX case and motherboard because of their higher price. However, there are plenty of micro-ATX cases and motherboards out there that come in at a fraction of the price.