Best Mini Itx Cases for Watercooling

Best Mini Itx Cases for Watercooling – You can spend premium bucks to pick the best of the best. We are dedicated to helping people spend reasonable money to get the best for their money. Their requirement is something that a user decides himself. We describe the capability and options in each case that supports water cooling kits. We have listed the best cases for water cooling.

You can go for a custom water cooling loop if you are experienced. If you require multiple kits for multiple hardware components, then your chassis should have enough room on each side to install the radiators. Besides being great for cooling, the case should have diverse connectivity. Aesthetics also play a major role.

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1.Lian Li O11DXL-X O11

Pros & Cons

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic made quite the splash when it was released, prompting Lian Li to follow up with a more affordable “Air” variant. Clearly, the partnership with Der B8uer is paying off as Lian Li has now released the O11 Dynamic XL we are reviewing today. Is is not only a larger, but also a more advanced and capable take on the original O11 Dynamic.

Like the Dynamic, this case is meant to be used for water cooling builds, but our standardized test bench is used for air testing. This is still useful to determine the performance capabilities of the case, as it’ll all scale when comparing one case to the next, but note that water cooling can obviously brute-force its way past a lot of thermal issues. Still, the O11 Dynamic made an actually good air-cooled case thanks to the bottom intake and side intake options, so even though it looks best as an aquarium, it didn’t have to be one.

2.CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X

Pros & Cons

If this chassis looks and sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s essentially a mid-tower version of the Crystal Series 280X. Painted white inside and out (also available in black if white isn’t your thing), this chassis features steel and plastic construction with tempered glass panels on three of the six sides.

The good news is that Corsair seems to have taken our criticisms of the 280X to heart and addressed many of them with the release of the Crystal Series 680X RGB. A hinged glass panel and USB-C make the case feel more modern and convenient.

3.Thermaltake Core P8

Pros & Cons

When it comes to doing things big, Thermaltake is always at the forefront as, among the many types of houses in the catalog, record solutions stand out, characterized by unparalleled versatility and a marked predisposition towards extreme cooling systems. .

With the “Core P” series, the Taiwanese manufacturer has enjoyed considerable success, especially among those who are looking for a particularly flashy case, to be displayed, if desired, even on a wall as if it were a painting, but what happens when the aesthetic research merges with the aforementioned characteristics?

4.Vetroo MESH6

Pros & Cons

Vetroo MESH6 mid-tower computer case, integrated ATX PC game box, 6pcs ARGB fans, pre-installed with diamond-shaped console, front grill and advanced cooling case with side airflow

The unique diamond-shaped mesh front and toughened glass side walls show the inside of the case in all directions, thus improving the ventilation performance.

4 ARGB 120mm pre-installed fans in the front and 2 fans in the back, giving your case excellent heat dissipation, color lighting and unlimited color conversion.


Pros & Cons

Ah, the process of standardization. Standardization allows people to put any ATX motherboard in any ATX case, and the one way that can go wrong is if one of those two items violates the form factor. When it comes to motherboards, the term “form factor” is so specific that a buyer need not question anything.

It’s the reason I’ve removed the term “small form factor” from so many articles: We need to know what fits! So if “Mid Tower” isn’t a form factor, what is it? A style? Cougar is the latest company to blur the lines in an open-air chassis that fits into either the “Mid Tower” or “Full Tower” category, depending on where it’s measured.


Best Mini Itx Cases for Watercooling – Gamers need high-performance machines to support their skills. Every extra frame that your computer can push out gives you the extra edge you need in securing the top spot. The games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Warzone, Apex Legends, and Overwatch are competitive Games that can help you make money. Investing in a high-end gaming PC is not only entertaining; it has solid returns if you have the skill set required for a gamer. To make sure your processor runs cool at maximum clock speed, you will need a smart system built with the best cases for water cooling, and aesthetics can be a major decisive factor in case selection. If you are not a streamer and strictly require a high-end machine, then go for water cool cases that are functionally designed for performance instead of a case that is all bling.