Best Pc Cases for 280mm Radiator

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Best Pc Cases for 280mm Radiator – When you need to pull as much heat out of your CPU and GPU as possible there isn’t much substitute for water cooling. Adding water to the mix adds significant thermal mass to the cooling system meaning you can pull far more heat away from the PC before temperatures rise. It also allows you to pass that warmed water through a radiator, which can have a drastically larger surface area and bring more of the water into proximity with cold airflow to cool it.

A water cooling set up in its simplest form requires a radiator, a cold plate, piping to connect them, and a pump to drive water around a circuit.

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1.Cougar CONQUER

Ah, the process of standardization. Standardization allows people to put any ATX motherboard in any ATX case, and the one way that can go wrong is if one of those two items violates the form factor. When it comes to motherboards, the term “form factor” is so specific that a buyer need not question anything.

It’s the reason I’ve removed the term “small form factor” from so many articles: We need to know what fits! So if “Mid Tower” isn’t a form factor, what is it? A style? Cougar is the latest company to blur the lines in an open-air chassis that fits into either the “Mid Tower” or “Full Tower” category, depending on where it’s measured.

2.KEDIERS Computer Case ATX

KEDIERS ATX Mid Tower Computer Case. Our reviews are compiled by our editors with the help of our proprietary ranking algorithm. We look at verified user reviews, expert reviews on other websites, social signals, search engine interest and many others to give you a real-time recommendation on the KEDIERS ATX Mid Tower Computer Case. We analyzed 77 verified reviews and removed suspicious looking feedback. The average rating out of 5 stars from the verified reviews is 4.2

The KEDIERS gaming computer case is a very nice choice for those looking for a nice looking case with a bit of personality. The tempered glass is a really nice touch and we think it looks really sharp. We also love the size of this case. It’s perfect for a mid-sized gaming computer.

3.Thermaltake AH T600

Thermaltake doesn’t care much about norms, which should be obvious and is meant in the best possible way. From their huge cases to the wall-mounted enclosures and those that can hold enormous liquid-cooling setups, Thermaltake has developed and brought to market a wide array of products that defy any mainstream standard.

The Thermaltake AH T600 we are reviewing today is another such chassis; it officially draws from the visual elements found on an Apache-style attack helicopter.

4.Antec Torque Black/Red

If “normal” isn’t your thing, the Antec Torque might be just what you are looking for. With its open-air design, aluminum alloy construction and superbike styling, it’s is safe to say this chassis will stand out, wherever you put it. It could be the foundation for an impressive high-performance system build, but you’ll need to look past several shortcomings, plus a price that’s much higher than similarly designed alternatives.

With the exception of its tempered glass side panels, the Antec Torque is constructed entirely out of laser-cut aluminum alloy panels.

5.Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601

The ROG line has a reputation for solid hardware despite the over-the-top gamer branding, so it has big shoes to fill.The case is packed with as many features as possible, necessary or otherwise. The most distinctive is the velcro strap laced over the top panel, ostensibly an “ergonomic and stylish” handle for carrying the system to LAN parties. It helps a little for hoisting the case up on to a table, but this is not the enclosure to bring to a LAN party, even for the rare person that attends more than one per decade.

Most of the case’s surface is glass and it weighs 18kg empty. At least the straps and the rails that they’re looped through are massive overkill, tested up to 50kg according to ASUS, so the most likely point of failure is the person lugging it around. The strap is fastened with velcro and can easily be removed before it gets dusty and gross, and we’d recommend doing so, since the case looks perfectly normal without it.


Best Pc Cases for 280mm Radiator – Top tier PC components produce a good deal of heat, and whilst it all ends up in the air in the end water cooling offers functional and aesthetic advantages when you’re planning your premium build. Whether you’re looking for a rock solid 240mm All-In-One cooling solution for your CPU, or you want to go all out with a custom water loop to really show off your skill and creativity, you need a case that facilitates your desired look and performance. In this article I’ll run through some great options for a range of form factors and water cooling solutions.

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