Best Pc Cases for Cable Management

Best Pc Cases for Cable Management – This article includes those cases only that after deep R&D has been selected as the Best Case for Cable Management. However, if we get to know about some other cases that offer such an excellent feature in terms of cable management, they will be added to this article. According to us, until now the NZXT H700i is the best in class for Cable Management. If you guys think we overlooked some case, feel free to suggest us.

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Pros & Cons

Let’s face it, not everyone needs a case the size of a toaster or as big as a barn. Sometimes you just need something in-between that has enough room for some high-end hardware without a bunch of wasted space. Corsair has just such a chassis in the Crystal Series 280X RGB.

The Corsair Crystal Series 280X RGB is a great case that can easily accommodate builds from mild to wild and looks like a million bucks doing so. The case’s main drawback is a price that’s higher than its direct competitors. If you don’t mind paying the premium, the Crystal Series 280X offers quiet performance, great looks and adequate ventilation.

2.Phanteks Enthoo Pro

Pros & Cons

Phanteks made a successful entry into the case market with the Enthoo Primo that we reviewed a year and a half ago. The Enthoo Primo was an excellent high-end case, although it came with a very hefty price tag. After their first successful attempt the company released a few more designs aiming to move a greater number of customers. All of the cases share the same series name “Enthoo” – not an actual word or name in any language based on the Latin alphabet but actually half the pronunciation of the word “enthusiast” (en-thoo-zee-ast).

Today we are going to have a thorough look at their currently most popular case, the Enthoo Pro. The Enthoo Pro is a case designed for maximum cooling and versatility but retails for $90 (solid side panel) / $100 (window side panel), less than half the retail price of the Primo.

3.MSI MPG Series

Pros & Cons

MSI has done a great job with ensuring good paint coverage, no sharp edges and screws and fasteners that go in easily. I did appreciate that the rear fan ARGB and power cables are wrapped up in velcro tape to keep things tidy.

The only downside to the case is that both side panels are held in place by the top panel clamping down on them. That means the rear panel will likely fall off every time you remove the top panel to then remove the front panel in order to access the insides. This aspect of the design made final assembly a headache – trying to hold and align both side panels while fixing the top panel in place and getting a screw in was a tiresome pain.

But a big plus goes to the front I/O ports. You get a pair of USB 3.2 and a Type C, as well as audio plus mic, and a single button that cycles the ARGB colours – fantastic for those with simple RGB tastes that couldn’t be arsed installing an app for that purpose.


Pros & Cons

MUSETEX TW8-S6 6 ARGB 120mm Fan and Networked USB 3.0 x 2 ATX Tower Cha Gaming Computer Case, Windows Gaming Tempered Glass Board Case, Desktop Computer Case

The 6-color RGB fan is divided into two independent lights for nearly unlimited customization options.With the glass panel, you can showcase the brilliant RGB lighting. The glass panel provides excellent RGB lighting. Grid design makes the whole look neat and clean.

5.Cooler Master MasterBox Pro

Pros & Cons

Offering both value and quality Cooler Master is known for exceptional hardware at a more than fair price. We are taking a look at one of their Mid-Tower chassis today, the MasterBox Pro 5 RGB with 3 RGB fans preinstalled; Cooler Master went with the 3 fans behind the black mirrored front to stash the fans behind. The front is easily removable and this puppy is so versatile you can go any build direction you want.

It will take a 120mm, 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm radiator water cooling setup you can gaze at through a 4mm tempered glass side. Wiring this thing has more well planned pigeon holes that we even care to count. We would run a wire to the area where it needed to be and exactly at that spot was a pigeonhole that perfectly fit the connector we needed to run.


Best Pc Cases for Cable Management  – You want to build a gaming PC you’re actually proud of – which means you can’t have your cables in a big jumbled mess.

That’s why I’ve created this guide. The first case I ever bought had terrible cable management, and I want to help you avoid the same mistake.

Today, we’re taking a look at three of the best pc cases for cable management on the market today.