Best Pc Cases for Liquid Cooling

Best Pc Cases for Liquid Cooling – For that reason, we selected cases with different form factor, ranging from mid, full, all the way to super-tower cases. We also added three budget cases with great water cooling capabilities, so even if you’re on a tight budget, you will be able to pick a great case without breaking the bank.

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1.Corsair Crystal 570X RGB

Pros & Cons

The 570X was preempted by Corsair’s 460X —yet another tempered glass and RGB enclosure—released just after PAX Prime. The 460X was preempted by the Computex announcement and later launch of the Be Quiet! Dark Base 900 and Rosewill Cullinan (which we reviewed here vs. the Anidees Crystal — the same case, both by OEM Jonsbo).

All of these cases use tempered glass. That’s the theme we predicted back in June, and it seems to have been dead-on. It’s all RGB, all glass, all day for 2016 case design. The previous trend was PSU shrouds, and we can’t say that wasn’t a welcomed change of pace for an industry that had otherwise stagnated. Cases are alive and well this year, it’s just a matter of figuring out whose alphabet soup of features is worthwhile and worth the spend.

2.Thermaltake Core P90

Pros & Cons

Open air PC cases (or open-frame/air chassis) may already count many years in the market but it wasn’t until somewhat recently that their popularity levels increased largely thanks to the introduction of tempered glass (there have been some popular acrylic models but nowhere near to tempered glass ones). As a matter of fact, the very first open air PC case I’ve ever reviewed was the Skeleton from Antec back in early 2008 but as many people pointed out back then (and many times since with similar models by other manufacturers) such cases were primarily aimed towards professional modders and overclockers looking for open air test benches.

With the introduction however of tempered glass manufacturers were able to design single-side/tray open air PC cases which consumers could even hang from their walls not only to save space but also as a form of art. The Core P90 Tempered Glass Edition Mid-Tower by Thermaltake is probably the only dual-side/tray open air PC case in the market today and although it did take a while for us to get our hands on it the wait is finally over.

3.KEDIERS Computer Case ATX

Pros & Cons

KEDIERS 7 PCS RGB-Fan ATX Mid-Tower PC-Gaming-Case Open Computer Tower-Case-USB3.0 Remote Control-2 Glass Cooling System-Airflow Management-Cable (7 RGB Fans, Red)

ATX motherboard, 240 heat sink, 330 cups, electric light strips, power supply, 7 RGB fans, 2 SSDs, 1 hard disk, 4 memory cards. The computer case contains two brackets and a storage box (both are removable).Convenient back wire hole (with pressure relief)

4.Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601

Pros & Cons

We saw the yet-unnamed ASUS ROG Strix Helios at Computex 2018, where it landed a spot on our Most Room For Improvement list alongside the other two cases ASUS showed. ASUS doesn’t make cases–the company’s been around for 30 years, so we won’t say it’s never happened, but it’s definitely a rare occurrence.

They worked with In Win to create the concept shown off at Computex, but the ASUS x In Win branding has disappeared from the production version and it’s our understanding that In Win is not involved in manufacturing. The Helios has to stand up to extra scrutiny as part of ASUS’ first foray into the case market. The ROG line has a reputation for solid hardware despite the over-the-top gamer branding, so it has big shoes to fill.

5.Lian Li O11DXL-X O11

Pros & Cons

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic made quite the splash when it was released, prompting Lian Li to follow up with a more affordable “Air” variant. Clearly, the partnership with Der B8uer is paying off as Lian Li has now released the O11 Dynamic XL we are reviewing today. Is is not only a larger, but also a more advanced and capable take on the original O11 Dynamic.

The O11 Dynamic was a case we liked enough to keep around for housing one of our work PCs. The layout is nonstandard, from the side intake vents to the placement of the PSU and storage, but it works. It may be the only case we’ve ever tested with a completely sealed-off glass front panel that still managed to perform actually well in testing.


Best Pc Cases for Liquid Cooling – Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the 5 best cases for water cooling available on the market in 2021.

Once you decide on a water-cooling system for your PC, a vital first step in the process of actualizing your plan will be to ensure you pick the right case that will accommodate and properly display your liquid cooling system.