Best Pc Cases for Nas

Best Pc Cases for Nas – Building your computer or your own NAS server can be quite stressful in the process. But the result will make up for it. Building these devices, yourself gives you such a freedom of choice that you otherwise would never have. Considering that, you should make a plan of what exactly you want to build and then buy the components accordingly. A NAS case is a crucial step in that process, and our article just made it easier for you to choose.

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1.Fractal Design Node 804

Pros & Cons

Fractal Design cube-like case is not a lie. Fractal started selling their Node 804 case a good number of years ago, and won the praise of reviewers over time. The Node 804 is still a high quality product, still with a variety of excellent use cases in 2020 – if you can pardon the “case” pun.

After tearing the case down, working with its various configurations and building a system in it; with future plans for a bigger build-out, I can see why Fractal is still making it.

2.Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX

Pros & Cons

When it came to selecting parts for a small form factor PC you had to be very careful as to what you put into it as they usually did not have much in the terms of cooling. Thus resulting in a PC capable of being used as a Home Theater PC, but not very much more than that. However, with modern advances in computer hardware we are capable of building much more powerful PC’s in smaller cases.

Earlier this year the Core V1, the ITX version of Thermaltake’s award winning Core series of cases, was released. It was only a matter of time before a mATX model came out; and it came out swinging with its stackable modular design, multiple layout as well as massive cooling support. If I could describe the Thermaltake Core V21 in one word it would be “Options”.

3.Cooler Master HAF XB EVO

Pros & Cons

The HAF XB EVO is marketed as both a LAN box and a test bench. However, I plan on using it for a home theater PC build (yes I know it’s big for a HTPC, but I don’t care!)

The reality is that you can use the HAF XB EVO for any build you want to do. It’s roomy enough to fit a full high-end system, it’s got handles to make it a viable LAN box, and with its removable side/top panels, it can be used as a test bench as well.

Coming from the High Airflow series of cases from Cooler Master, we should expect a very solid design that maximizes airflow and cooling options. Does it deliver on this promise? You’ll have to read the review to find out!

4.Corsair CC-9011030-WW

Pros & Cons

One of the joys of being based out of the bay area is getting to actually visit the headquarters of some of these vendors. I’ve had one on one time with Antec, NVIDIA, Logitech, and my last visit to Corsair’s headquarters in Fremont got me a good look at the early prototyping stages of both the Obsidian 900D and the Carbide Air 540. Corsair’s designers were pretty enthusiastic about where they were going with what became the Air 540, and with good reason. Now that I’ve had a chance to handle the final product, I feel like I’m looking at the next BitFenix Prodigy.

The one-off Graphite 600T notwithstanding, Corsair has tended to produce fairly conservative, extremely refined case designs. But the dual-chambered Carbide Air 540 is a radical departure and a much needed one.

5.SilverStone Technology DS380B

Pros & Cons

If there’s one case company that’s not afraid to try something new in the pursuit of better designs it’s SilverStone. We’ve seen some radical shifts in cooling arrangements as well as general case design and many cases have topped our cooling charts too. Today, though, we’re looking at something that brings something other than advanced cooling to the table.

The DS380 is SilverStone’s take on a combination of a NAS enclosure and mini-ITX gaming case. It’s fairly unassuming on the outside, with a pain black powder-coated exterior. There’s only a power button externally – no other buttons or switches and even this is an extension, as the main front panel is hidden behind a lockable front door.


Best Pc Cases for Nas – NAS or Network Attached Storage is a computer data storage server, that acts as a network, providing data access to a group of users. Most used in companies, NAS acts almost like a cloud service, but it’s faster, cheaper and more reliable. Everyone at the company can access the same data since the data is shared throughout every connected computer.