Best Pc Cases for Watercooling

Best Pc Cases for Watercooling – You can spend premium bucks to pick the best of the best. We are dedicated to helping people spend reasonable money to get the best for their money. Their requirement is something that a user decides himself. We describe the capability and options in each case that supports water cooling kits. We have listed the best cases for water cooling.

You can go for a custom water cooling loop if you are experienced. If you require multiple kits for multiple hardware components, then your chassis should have enough room on each side to install the radiators. Besides being great for cooling, the case should have diverse connectivity. Aesthetics also play a major role.

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1.Thermaltake Core P5

Pros & Cons

These works of art model various forms of expression, some boisterous beneath an orgy of LEDs, others basking in quiet exhibition, figuratively and literally. There are countless combinations and themes—but the crux of any showpiece always comes down to the chassis, which is, in a sense, both the frame and the canvas.

If ever a case were ideally suited to show off a build, it would be a model like Thermaltake’s Core P5, an open-frame chassis like almost no other. Most open-air cases exist for easy access to parts, affording reviewers, testers, and hobbyists the luxury of swapping out components with minimal hassle as the need arises. But the Core P5 has a different objective.

It exists as a stage to showcase your ability to not just build a PC, but to assemble one so masterfully crafted that it would be a crime to tuck it away under a desk where it would remain unseen and unappreciated.

2.CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X RGB

Pros & Cons

If this chassis looks and sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s essentially a mid-tower version of the Crystal Series 280X. The good news is that Corsair seems to have taken our criticisms of the 280X to heart and addressed many of them with the release of the Crystal Series 680X RGB. A hinged glass panel and USB-C make the case feel more modern and convenient.

The Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB measures 16.65 x 13.54 x 19.88 inches (423 x 344 x 505mm) and weighs in at 25.53lbs (11.58kg). Painted white inside and out (also available in black if white isn’t your thing), this chassis features steel and plastic construction with tempered glass panels on three of the six sides

3.Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601

Pros & Cons

We saw the yet-unnamed ASUS ROG Strix Helios at Computex 2018, where it landed a spot on our Most Room For Improvement list alongside the other two cases ASUS showed. ASUS doesn’t make cases–the company’s been around for 30 years, so we won’t say it’s never happened, but it’s definitely a rare occurrence. They worked with In Win to create the concept shown off at Computex, but the ASUS x In Win branding has disappeared from the production version and it’s our understanding that In Win is not involved in manufacturing. The Helios has to stand up to extra scrutiny as part of ASUS’ first foray into the case market.

The ROG line has a reputation for solid hardware despite the over-the-top gamer branding, so it has big shoes to fill.The case is packed with as many features as possible, necessary or otherwise. The most distinctive is the velcro strap laced over the top panel, ostensibly an “ergonomic and stylish” handle for carrying the system to LAN parties. It helps a little for hoisting the case up on to a table, but this is not the enclosure to bring to a LAN party, even for the rare person that attends more than one per decade.

4.Cooler Master MasterBox TD500

Pros & Cons

The Masterbox TD500 fits squarely into the enthusiast mainstream segment with its looks, glass side panel, and RGB fans. While you may think this review will be quite ordinary, the TD500 Mesh actually has a few nice design touches that set it apart from the competition out there.

Available in black or white, we got the black variant of the Masterbox TD500 Mesh for review with us today.


Pros & Cons

Cougar has come a long way in recent years, offering quite an extensive product line-up for the gamer and enthusiast out there. This includes gaming peripherals, chairs, power supplies, cooling, and cases.

We had the liberty to review both their traditional enclosures, like the Panzer, and the compact QBX in the past. Today, we take a look at their most elaborately designed case to date, the Cougar Conquer.


Best Pc Cases for Watercooling – Several PC users have over the years been on the lookout for PC’s with the best performances, and generates less heat as they run programs on it, and have come to understand that most PC heats up from high-performance applications, and has since then sought out the best ways to cool their PCs.

Today, water-cooling cases for PC have been discovered to provide the best cooling systems for heating PC, as liquid cooling is more efficient in the transfer and removal of heat from parts of the PC than air. They’ve been discovered to cool heating PCs down quicker without having the cooling fan run constantly at high RPM.