Best Pc Cases Under 100

Best Pc Cases Under 100 – This means that you’ll receive all the advantages of the most costly options at a way lesser price; therefore, they are worth every penny.

Would you like to know how we picked these, which models we chose, and how to find the perfect one? Then look through this guide to find out!

Well If you want to build budget friendly gaming pc and then check out best gaming pc cases under 100 USD budget range.

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1.MUSETEX 6pcs 120mm ARGB

Pros & Cons

MUSETEX TW8-S6 6 ARGB 120mm Fan and Networked USB 3.0 x 2 ATX Tower Cha Gaming Computer Case, Windows Gaming Tempered Glass Board Case, Desktop Computer Case
The 6-color RGB fan is divided into two independent lights for nearly unlimited customization options.

With the glass panel, you can showcase the brilliant RGB lighting.The glass panel provides excellent RGB lighting. Grid design makes the whole look neat and clean.

2.NZXT H510 – CA-H510B-W1

Pros & Cons

The NZXT range is by far one of my all-time favourites. They’ve always put themselves at the cutting edge of the PC case market. From the old school Phantom series that every high-end PC gamer had to have ten years ago. Now, we’re up to the H-series, which feature ultra-clean lines, integrated smart-features, modular hardware, and a range of designs giving you a choice of colours, as well as a choice of a standard, smart or elite variants.

Which one is right for you? That’s for your eyes and your wallet to decide. However, the core design and features of all three models remain the same. The H510 is available in matte white, matte black and matte black/red; we have the white version in for review today.

3.Corsair 4000D Airflow

Pros & Cons

The new Corsair Obsidian 4000 series cases look remarkably like 350D and 450D siblings from 6 to 7 years ago, and that’s a good thing. Sometimes I like taking a step into the past, and these were hugely popular cases at the time. I know lots of people that had them – for good reason. Of course, by today’s standards they’re outdated (and end of life), so it’s nice to see Corsair drop what seems to be a series of successors.

The Corsair 4000D Airflow is part of the brand’s new case line-up with two general variants. On one hand, there is the RGB-less 4000D with a solid front, and on the other, we have the Airflow option with a vented front panel. Additionally, there is the third option with a tempered front glass panel and three SP RGB Elite fans. This latter variant, called the iCUE 4000X RGB, comes in either black or white and includes Corsair’s iCUE controller, and thus the ability to adjust lighting and fan speed via software inside the OS.

4.Rosewill ATX

Pros & Cons

For those who are not aware of how Rosewill came to be, let us lay down the ground work for you to wrap your head around. Newegg has seen many products on their shelves, and any smart company can see what products make money, and why not try for a piece of that pie, rather than getting a small percentage of each product sold. That led to the development of their in-house company Rosewill.

Over the years, we have seen a pattern of taking some of the better products on the market and making them their own. Some of these products are direct copies without any changes other than names, while others do offer some minor changes in features, but at the heart of it all, these are cloned products. The primary goal with Rosewill, at least from what we were told long ago, is that while these may be copies of someone else’s ideas, the previous trend is to try to offer said products with less cost involved as well.

5.Montech Fighter 500

Pros & Cons

The extra large glass wall allows you to fully see your computer settings and achieve excellent color lighting effects.

Slim Metal Front Grille – The large front grille with rainbow LED fan allows the bottom grille to get maximum airflow, keeps your power supply cool and keeps everything stable.

Unique design with M modeling engineering – the front panel is not only designed with our Monteech logo, but also incorporated with upper and lower triangles. This design makes the painting unique.


Best Pc Cases Under 100 – Indeed, one of the most challenging items to pick when building a new and reasonably priced PC may be the case. There are so many options to consider that finding the ideal one may be impossible for the noninvasive user.

Luckily for you, we know how to find the best PC cases under $100. Consequently, you can build a good desktop for a low price.