Best Pc Cases Under 75

Best Pc Cases Under 75 – You can expect to have not only some great looking options for around $70-$75 for a case but you can also expect to have plenty of functionality as well.

For any case at any price range, you need to make sure that it will be compatible with your rig as well as have everything included that you need to move forward and complete your PC build.

With that, let’s get to the best of the best when it comes to cases that cost under $70-$75!

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1.NZXT H510 – CA-H510B-W1

Pros & Cons

There’s the NZXT H510, which for lack of a better word is the base model. However, it’s still very much a premium case in its own right. Then you also have the H510i which comes with their smart fan control system built-in. Above that, you have the H510 Elite. This is the smart version of the case but comes with more tempered glass and RGB. Which one is right for you?

That’s for your eyes and your wallet to decide. However, the core design and features of all three models remain the same. The H510 is available in matte white, matte black and matte black/red; we have the white version in for review today.

2.MUSETEX 6pcs 120mm

Pros & Cons

Musetex is rated an average of 4.61 stars by more than three hundred customers on Amazon, which means that the majority of shoppers are satisfied with their purchases.

They mainly sell electronics products under the brand of MUSETEX. At present, they offer eleven products for sale, some with Prime shipping available. The average price of all the products in Musetex is roughly $82.

In our ranking for Amazon sellers, they are ranked 24666th this month. However a month ago they were ranked 21351st. The ranking of the list is based on the number of feedbacks received over the past year, while taking into account the reduction of negative ratings.

3.Phanteks Eclipse P300A

Pros & Cons

With that settled, there are two other major obstacles in the P300A’s way: availability, and the P400A. The P300A has evidently proven to be a very popular case even before this review, and it’s currently out of stock on both Amazon and Newegg. The Newegg out-of-stock listing is still set to $60, which is an encouraging sign–we often see retailers bump up the price over MSRP with popular cases.

The P400A Digital suffers similar availability issues, and some of the listings that do exist are far above the $90 MSRP that we recommended it at. Between the P300A and P400A, both at MSRP, we prefer the P400A. It includes a full set of stock fans, it has more interior space to work with, and it’s a slightly higher-end product. The P300A fills a niche for those who want a smaller case, but in reality it’s only about 1.5cm shorter (top to bottom) and about 7cm shallower (front to back).

The factor that justifies its existence is, again, its price–the P300A is capable of similar performance to its larger sibling with added fans, and customers can choose to spend as little or as much as they want to on those added fans.

4.Corsair Hydro Series H60

Pros & Cons

These days you can pick a hundred different heatpipe based coolers, where many are shaped, formed and priced the same. The better heatpipebased coolers are good though. Next in line are LCS systems (liquid cooling), the entry-level products are affordable, easy to install pre-fab liquid cooling kits. We’ve seen and tested many of them as Corsair, Asetek, CoolIT, NZXT, Cooler Master and so on, all have interesting kits. The bigger problem is cooling performance.

The gear behind these kits are good yet the performance is often battling a small included 120mm radiator with thin tubing and lacking coolant levels due to missing reservoirs. To compensate FAN RPM goes up making a good looking product noisy again. With that in mind, Corsair started to develop a new H series (for Hydro) coolers. The product we test in specific is the Corsair 2018  model H60.

It is an updated design based on the previous model, yet with a new cooling block and regulated control for pump and fans. The Hydro Series H60 is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler with a 120mm radiator built for low-noise liquid CPU cooling and bold styling with a white LED-lit pump head.

5.Corsair 4000D Airflow

Pros & Cons

The “Airflow” in the name is no idle boast. In addition to incorporating that perforated front panel, Corsair also left large gaps on either side of this perforated section that permit additional inward ventilation. The top is also perforated and covered by a large magnetic dust filter, and the back of the case has ventilation holes cut in it from top to bottom.

Altogether, this makes for a clear path of low resistance for air to pass straight through the case. Two 120mm Corsair AirGuide fans are pre-mounted (one front, one back) to push things along.


Best Pc Cases Under 75 – I’d like to post about the best PC cases that cost under $70 that are out on the market today. PC cases at this price range are perfect for any PC build!

There are some PC cases listed here that are under $75 as well since there are enough cases on the market within the few dollars of a difference that I figured it’d make sense to also include them.