Best Silent Pc Cases

Best Silent Pc Cases – There has been an emergence of really great cases that focus on various noise-dampening padding/insulation, modular components to reduce fan requirements/isolate vibrating parts, and many other factors. These features combine into a desktop that is capable of outputting extremely low decibels whether you are idling or testing the computer to its limits.

Whether it’s for home theatre (HTPC), gaming, streaming, video editing, or music/studio production, here are the best quiet PC cases available for all budgets, tastes, and sizes (looking at you, mATX/Mini-ITX builders).

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1.Fractal Design Define 7

Pros & Cons

Fractal Design’s Define series has long been a favorite in the enthusiast community for its class-leading performance and quality construction. We have the white tempered-glass version of the Fractal Design Define 7 mid-tower ATX case on the test bench today to see what it has to offer.

The Fractal Design Define 7 bears a remarkable resemblance to the Define R6, R5 and Define S. The cases look so much alike that one could be forgiven for confusing them at first glance. The company seems to be going with the “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” line of thinking in terms of aesthetics and style.

2.Corsair Carbide Series 100R

Pros & Cons

They even offer the gamer an indirect intake air cooling from the side gills to keep the front nice clean and less noisy and you get that “Monster Corsair Obsidian” look on the front end with the faux brushed aluminum anodized look of a plastic front end. No one will know but you and it beats the other cases that are in this price range by a country mile.

Would you believe it? Well truthfully I am slightly skeptical too, but I really am rooting for Corsair’s newest 100R Carbide Series Case to make a true believer out of me, but we will see as the Review continues on. quiet! Pure Base 600 Black

Pros & Cons

The be quiet! Pure Base 600 ships in two distinct variants. You may pick between solid side panels or a version with a tempered glass window on one side. We actually were shipped both cases, but since the interior is identical, we will review the unit with the glass material.

Also, unlike other be quiet! cases, the Pure Base 600 is only available in black or silver. We got the former to take a look at today.

4.Phanteks Eclipse P600S

Pros & Cons

This time we’re checking out the new Phanteks Eclipse P600S mid-tower PC chassis. The Dutch company is keeping up the pace, as this is another new product after the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X, which we reviewed at the end of October 2018. This time it’s a chassis from a bit lower segment of the market (but that doesn’t mean it’s low-end). It combines the advantages of two approaches – silence and performance.

“The Eclipse P600S is designed to bring you the best of two worlds. A hybrid forged between silent and high-performance chassis. Find the optimal configuration in any situation by switching between quiet or performance mode. Designed with effective soundproofing panels and Phanteks’ new high airflow fabric, the Eclipse P600S offers the full potential of two opposites, minimum noise and maximum airflow.”

5.ATX Mid-Tower PC Case

Pros & Cons

The best mid-tower cases will provide supreme housing for that gaming PC build you’ve been thinking of building. It may not be the greatest time to try and secure one of the best graphics cards, but you’ll be safe knowing your chassis can cope with all but the absolute pinnacle of system builds.

While you should check out the best full tower cases for a truly monumental, money-no-object build, a mid-tower case will give you a good starting point. Whether you’re jamming together a whole new PC, or eyeing an upgrade, these cases will offer plenty of space. It’s only once you get down to the best Mini-ITX cases that things really start to get tricky.


Best Silent Pc Cases – Years ago, having a loud computer was almost a boast point, “check out my huge, high-RPM fans through my thin case window!” one would shout over the sound of their jet-engine PC.