Best Small form Factor Cases

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Best Small form Factor Cases – With a smaller footprint than traditional PC towers and comparable performance specifications, the mini-ITX case is PC hardware’s newest revolution. Some can be carried with minimal effort from place to place, while others simply take up less desk space at home

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1.InWin Chopin SECC

Chopin is an ultra slim form factor case designed for the most efficient and user friendly experience. It is only 3.3 liters in size, but comes with various multi-functional features. It has everything you need, and nothing you dont. Chopin features a 4mm brushed aluminium shell that complete a clean and sleek chassis frontal.

Ultra small form factor design takes little space on your desk, and it can be positioned horizontally or vertically for maximum space saving

2.Fractal Design Node 202

Fractal Design is a well-known Swedish designer of PC cases. Most of their ITX designs are not an exception to the aforementioned rule, sacrificing volume for component compatibility and performance. However the company wanted us to take a look at their smallest ITX case, the Node 202.

It is a slim case that physically resembles many other designs that were created for HTPC use, but, despite its very narrow chassis, the Node 202 can hold a full size video card, allowing the creation of very small but powerful gaming systems

3.A1 Mini ITX Case

I’ve always been a fan of mini-ITX cases. I just love the idea of building a system that small which can also be pretty powerful as well. When In Win first introduced the A1 I immediately fell in love with it. Unfortunately I was not able to take a look at the original A1, but In Win has recently released the A1 Plus, which bring some minor upgrades with it.

The A1 Plus has all of the right lines, RGB lighting, a 650W power supply, and even wireless charging for your mobile device! But can something this small actually work? Is the case arranged for good airflow and cable management? Read on as we find out!

4.Lian-Li Case O11D

Lian Li is known for its range of premium aluminum PC cases that are among the best out there, but they also cost an arm and a leg to purchase. In order to appeal to a wider audience, Lian Li has removed some of the aluminum in favor of more affordable steel and came up with the O11 Dynamic in partnership with renowned water-cooling and overclocking enthusiast DER8AUR.

The O11 Dynamic may be a little large for some PC builds, which leads us to this review. The Lian Li O11D Mini is a more compact version of the excellent (and popular) mid-tower chassis that cuts down on the overall dimensions without sacrificing functionality. This isn’t a small-form-factor (SFF) case, but it’s one of the best compact mid-tower PC cases you’ll come across.

5.Antec ISK110 VESA-U3

The Antec ISK100 has been out for some time now, and it is geared towards the first generation of mini-ITX boards using the Intel Atom as well as compact heatsinks and dimensions. The ISK110 VESA is an update for modern units using desktop CPUs, and it, as the name reveals, ships with a VESA mounting system.

Going small shouldn’t mean sacrificing form or function. The ISK110 VESA is crafted for small, efficient builds without compromises. Just 78 mm wide and mounted on a stable clip-on base or included VESA mount, it fits two 2.5″ drive bays – perfect for internal SSDs.

Perforated mesh construction and space for a low-profile CPU cooler provide an ample amount of quiet cooling capability. An incredibly small yet powerful 90 watt adapter completes the package, providing power with up to 92% efficiency. Ideal for corporate builds, kiosks and digital signage, the ISK110 VESA is a miniscule case solution with massive features.


Best Small form Factor Cases – That said, gamers, developers, designers, and more are all asking one simple (yet not so simple) question: which case is the best? In the interest of a holistic answer, we at Good Gaming Gear are taking a deep dive into the best small form factor mini-ITX cases in a variety of categories.

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