Best Tempered Glass Pc Cases

Best Tempered Glass Pc Cases – This isn’t my favorite case on this list, but I won’t say it’s not a good case, as structural design goes. My PC’s case, which I didn’t pick out, does resemble this one, though the manufacturers of mine went nuts with the lights, and this one actually knows that often, less is more.

I’m happy recommending this as a standard, very flexible gaming rig case that won’t break the bank.

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1.MUSETEX 6pcs

Pros & Cons

MUSETEX TW8-S6 6 ARGB 120mm Fan and Networked USB 3.0 x 2 ATX Tower Cha Gaming Computer Case, Windows Gaming Tempered Glass Board Case, Desktop Computer Case

The 6-color RGB fan is divided into two independent lights for nearly unlimited customization options. With the glass panel, you can showcase the brilliant RGB lighting. The glass panel provides excellent RGB lighting. Grid design makes the whole look neat and clean.

2.Corsair Crystal 570X RGB

Pros & Cons

This Corsair 570X and 270R case review demonstrates thermal performance for both enclosures, including CPU, GPU, and case ambient thermals, and noise (dBA) testing versus nearby competitors. The S340 Elite, Rosewill Cullinan, and In Win 303 are included against the new Corsair products. We’re building-out this new test bench and still need to add the 400C, 600C, N450, and a few SilverStone/Be Quiet cases.

The 570X was preempted by Corsair’s 460X ($140)—yet another tempered glass and RGB enclosure—released just after PAX Prime. The 460X was preempted by the Computex announcement and later launch of the Be Quiet! Dark Base 900 and Rosewill Cullinan (which we reviewed here vs. the Anidees Crystal — the same case, both by OEM Jonsbo).

All of these cases use tempered glass. That’s the theme we predicted back in June, and it seems to have been dead-on. It’s all RGB, all glass, all day for 2016 case design. The previous trend was PSU shrouds, and we can’t say that wasn’t a welcomed change of pace for an industry that had otherwise stagnated. Cases are alive and well this year, it’s just a matter of figuring out whose alphabet soup of features is worthwhile and worth the spend.


Pros & Cons

Add to that an absolutely brilliant, vibrant, and lavish RGB implementation with two fans, an LED strip and a genuinely effective controller. My day has been made, and if you’re in the market for a case for a budget-oriented system but still want it to look good, this case is for you.

Of course, clear shortcuts have been taken to bring this kind of feature set to the table at this price. The sheet metal is quite thin, the paint job on the interior doesn’t ooze quality like more expensive cases, and the case doesn’t even include basic essentials such as a power LED, HDD LED, or a reset switch. There’s no USB Type-C to be found here, either.

4.Cougar MX330-G MX330

Pros & Cons

For computer enthusiasts, a high-performance computer case is a plus. Contrary to popular belief, a computer case is not just a mere storage box. There is a lot more to it than that. A computer case is an efficient way of building your PC into your biggest desire.

For gamers, your computer case speaks a lot about you as a person. Remember, it is the first part of the PC people see which means that it reflects on you as a person, your capabilities and your taste. There are several computer cases in the market due to their high demand.

Among the different options in the market, we have the MX330-G Air computer case, which trust me, is one of the best cases you will ever come across. It is loaded with several useful features that we will look at in the course of our review.

5.Vetroo MESH6

Pros & Cons

Vetroo MESH6 mid-tower computer case, integrated ATX PC game box, 6pcs ARGB fans, pre-installed with diamond-shaped console, front grill and advanced cooling case with side airflow

The unique diamond-shaped mesh front and toughened glass side walls show the inside of the case in all directions, thus improving the ventilation performance.

4 ARGB 120mm pre-installed fans in the front and 2 fans in the back, giving your case excellent heat dissipation, color lighting and unlimited color conversion.


Best Tempered Glass Pc Cases –  If you don’t see an option that stands out to you below, you can check out our full guide on the best gaming PC cases currently available for more tempered glass options.

But, we have written overviews on a handful of tempered glass case options in this guide and, so, if you’re looking for a tempered glass PC case, one of the options below might just be what you’re looking for.