Best White Pc Cases

Best White Pc Cases – There are three primary types of PC form factors (the size or physical arrangement for a computer). These sizes can indicate what size of motherboard you can use, where certain internal components might rest, and what ports are available for both components and attachments. Speaking of motherboards, if you’re looking to make a white PC build then you’ll want to get a white motherboard as well for continuity.

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1.Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB

Pros & Cons

The glass on top of the case is held on by powerful magnets. It’s a little tough to pull off, but that also makes it unlikely to fall off on its own. Even considering how heavy tempered glass is, the panel doesn’t budge even when the case is turned upside down. Pulling it up gets you access to a dust filter and a mounting bracket that can be used for either a few case fans or a liquid-cooling radiator.

Inside the main compartment of the case is the motherboard mounting tray and a raised lip, which isn’t for cables as you might think (more on this later). There are cutouts all along the motherboard tray to let cables pass through where needed, which helps make for a tidy finished build.

2.Cooler Master MasterBox TD500

Pros & Cons

Cooler Master has yet to master its overwhelming instinct to put 500 in the name of cases. This latest offering is the Masterbox TD500 Mesh, a mesh-ified version of an existing acrylic-fronted case. Apparently they’ve gotten so tired of us drilling holes in their cases that they’ve started doing it for us. The TD500 Mesh is a mid tower with three ARGB fans, good ventilation, and an MSRP of $100, and based on our review of the Phanteks P400A, that’s a good place to be right now.

Appearances were a top priority in the design of the TD500 Mesh: there are some areas where pennies have been pinched, and other areas where those pennies have been reinvested. We’ll start with the cost savings for contrast. The chassis itself is a design intended for reuse, which isn’t unusual or even bad, but it’s easy to tell from the vestigial remains of a 5.25” bay at the front of the case. We confirmed with Cooler Master that this body was an original creation for the TD500; the chassis will be reused for future cases, some of which may have ODD support–optical drives remain popular in the Japanese market, for example.

3.Montech X1 White

Pros & Cons

Montech X1 MESH White Gaming Case Case with the best price in Bangladesh Which, is your budget-friendly. We also offer you free gift or free installation with this Montech X1 MESH White Gaming Case. Full transparent tempered glass side panel that can showcase your build.

Airflow is maximized by incorporating mesh front panel, top panel ventilation, and rear exhaust. And the four RGB fans make great overall cooling performance.

4.Thermaltake S100

Pros & Cons

As its name implies, the S100 TG is part of the S family of cases. That “S” stands for the use of steel. Thermaltake is offering these cases as a more affordable, but just as sturdy alternative to the “A” series, which stands for aluminium. The S100 is a mATX chassis with the same look and feel as the larger S300, but it is more compact and thus more affordable to boot.

While the enclosure is available both in black or white, we got the latter also known as the Snow Edition for review.

5.IN WIN A1 Plus White

Pros & Cons

The In Win A1 is a compact chassis that clearly speaks the design language we have come to love from the company, but aims to combine a compact size with excellent balance in compatibility. To achieve this, the unit comes with a 600 W PSU purpose-built for the chassis, which gives it an edge over other brands that may not have the ability to design their own power supplies.

While we have the classic A1 in black for review, you also have the choice of a white version. In Win even followed up with the A1 Plus, which upgrades the PSU slightly and includes two fans right out of the box.


Best White Pc Cases – Looking to build a slick new gaming PC? As you’re looking through the components you need, you might be forgetting a crucial part: the case. The case sets limits on the parts you can combine and can affect how your build looks, runs, and stays cool. So finding a great PC case is critical.

Let’s break down the best white PC cases across all three form factors: ATX, mATX and mini-ITX.