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Unsure about the meaning of “branding”? Don’t worry! Branding is one of those marketing concepts that is a bit vague and can quickly become confusing, even for people who have studied marketing. Today we are going to take a look at “what is branding” and try to provide a clear answer with simple words and examples! In order to understand the concept of branding, first we need to know what products and brands are. Let’s go!

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Use Your Company Logo Watermarks can also be imported in the form of an image such as a company logo Copyright Symbols Make your watermark official with a copyright, trademark or a registered symbol. Pixel-perfect Positioning Position your watermarks with precision. All photos in batch are updated simultaneously. Fonts Gallore Choose from hundreds of integrated fonts or import your own custom font Automatic Tiling For ultimate protection, your custom watermarks can be automatically tiled across the whole photo.

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