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Best Cpu for Photoshop – We want to know what the best CPUs for Photoshop and Lightroom are, and that means something much more capable.

Like modern games, modern photo editing software has grown far better at taking advantage of contemporary multi-core processors, so you can see a big improvement in your Photoshop and Lightroom performance by using processors with higher core counts. That said, there are diminishing returns.


1.AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

But the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X may have changed all that. This CPU might just be the best available option. It’s just as capable with single-threaded tasks as it is with multi-threaded ones. AMD’s Ryzen 5000 presentation made this clear, as the company zeroed in on gaming, with creative applications taking a back seat.

Rounded out by PCIe 4.0 support, which Intel still hasn’t implemented, the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X leads AMD processors to finally take the CPU crown. With it, there’s really no reason to buy an Intel processor for that gaming PC you’re building.

2.CUK AMD Ryzen 9 3900

With AMD’s inaugural Ryzen lineup, the X-branded models served as the faster and more expensive models in the product stack, while less expensive “non-X” models featured the same physical design as the X-branded models but had lower performance at stock settings.

That trade-off came with a hefty discount, and enthusiasts soon learned that overclocking unleashed nearly the same performance from non-X chips as the X models. That was a win in the value department, and non-X models quickly became the go-to chip for enthusiasts on a budget.

3.AMD Ryzen 5 3600

AMD’s value proposition has always been straightforward — more for less. While we typically think of AMD offering more CPU cores than Intel for less money, the strategy also applies to the company’s unrestrained feature sets for each processor, regardless of price.

That includes in-box coolers, Hyper-Threading (AMD calls it SMT), and unlocked multipliers that enable easy overclocking, all of which are features that Intel either leaves out or disables on some of its chips in the name of segmentation.

4.AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

It may not come close to surpassing the Ryzen 9 3900X, , especially in multi-threaded workloads, and it has inherited the Ryzen 7 2700X’s 8-core, 16-thread setup. However, it still brings to the table that raw performance for those who are on a limited budget.

With the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, you’re getting a much more affordable processor that also needs less robust cooling, and it’s simply the best processor for most people. But, don’t take our word for it; read our review to find out exactly what it’s capable of.

5.AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Compare it to Intel’s closest options, such as the Core i9-10980XE Extreme Edition and others in the decidedly pricey, definitely HEDT Core X-Series, and the value contest isn’t even close. In the core wars at the close of 2020, AMD simply can’t be beat. If you deal with demanding content-creation applications or need a workhorse CPU to handle the rigors of heavy-load, highly multithreaded productivity tasks day in and day out, look no further.

As AMD’s latest and greatest top-of-the-stack Zen 3 processor, the Ryzen 9 5950X delivers core-crushing power that bests an Intel chip meant to compete with AMD’s own “true HEDT” platform, Ryzen Threadripper. Most folks don’t need all the power the Ryzen 9 5950X packs, but few wouldn’t want it.

6.Intel Core i7-11700K

To start off, if you’d prefer a deeper dive into all the 11th Generation goodness we’ve got to spare (including info on motherboard compatibility and cost of adoption), head on over to our review of the Core i9-11900K flagship for all the details.

For now, here’s how the various CPUs in the “Rocket Lake” lineup shake out. (Note that for legibility’s sake we’ve left out the low-power 35-watt “T” versions of these chips, which will be of interest mostly to OEMs.)

7.Intel Core i7-10700K

Intel’s Comet Lake has cratered into the market, bringing more threads to the company’s Core i5 and i7 lineups along with more cores for the halo Core i9 family. In response to AMD’s unrelenting pressure, Intel’s revamped lineup offers more threads for the same pricing as previous-gen models.

The Core i7-10700K slots in with eight cores and 16 threads for and MSRP of  (without GPU), though current street prices are higher. In fact, the 10700K offers the same number of cores and threads as the previous-gen Core i9-9900K, but for  less, making it a contender for our list of Best CPUs and a top-performer on our CPU Benchmark Hierarchy.

8.Intel Core i9 i9-7900X

Dominance in the high-end desktop segment began a decade ago for Intel. Since then, the CPU market has largely been a lopsided affair. Without much competition challenging its position, Intel never saw fit to cut prices or innovate aggressively. AMD’s return to the table with Ryzen changed that with more cores, SMT, and unlocked multipliers, all for less money.

Now Intel is looking to defend its flagship against the recently-announced AMD Threadripper CPU, sporting 16 cores, 32 threads, and 64 lanes of third-gen PCIe connectivity. Of course, the enhancements to Skylake-X aren’t any sort of knee-jerk reaction. These were in the works for years. Still, Intel moved on today’s announcement with unfamiliar speed (tripping on its laces in the process). It also adjusted pricing in a way we haven’t seen before. Enthusiasts, enjoy.

9.Intel Core i9-9900K

The company’s ninth-generation Core processors, otherwise known as the Coffee Lake refresh, represent another step forward in a contentious battle for desktop supremacy as the company looks to maintain its top spots on our list of Best CPUs.

Intel’s line-up matches AMD’s Ryzen core-for-core, including a new Core i9 with eight Hyper-Threaded cores (8C/16T) and the highest frequencies we’ve seen in the mainstream space. There’s also a bulked-up Core i7 armed with two extra cores, plus a revamped Core i5. AMD isn’t setting still though:

The company recently released its own new flagship, the 16-core 32-thread Ryzen 9 3950X, to fend off Intel’s new challengers.

10.Intel Core i9-10900

There’s also an in-box cooler for those who want to economize on their build and add aftermarket CPU cooling later.

The “Comet Lake” microarchitecture on which the i9-10900 is based is possibly the final implementation of the “Skylake” core design Intel has been monetizing since 2016, using the same 14 nanometer silicon fabrication process. Facing severe competition from AMD and its Ryzen family of processors, Intel has for the past three Core generations stepped up core/thread counts across the board.

This is because AMD began catching up on IPC, which meant the only way Intel could compete is by increasing core counts and clock speeds. Compared to the previous generation, which offered 8-core/16-thread processors as “i9”, the 10th Gen Core i9 now has 10 cores and 20 threads.

Best Cpu for Photoshop – BUYER’S GUIDE

There may be no CPU designed specifically for Photoshop. But there are several of them with the right features for such a line of job. One major thing you need to look for is the number of threads and cores in the processor you are considering. In this case, the more threads and cores the better.

Our experience and extensive research on the best CPU for Photoshop has led us to discover 8 perfect matches for your photo and video editing needs. The only thing to do now is to choose the CPU with features best suited to you. Hang on a little longer let’s take you through the list.


Best Cpu for Photoshop –  As the brain of the computer, the processor is arguably the most important part of the computer. If it doesn’t process data faster, you are probably going to complete your tasks in a longer time than you expect. And for something as delicate and time-sensitive as Photoshop, you have little time to waste. That’s exactly why you need the best CPU for Photoshop, which can handle and process all your data in record time.