Best Intel Pentium Cpu for Gaming

Best Intel Pentium Cpu for Gaming – Budget computer parts are often difficult to recommend. It’s not that they’re terrible, but the Pentium  is slower than any Core i5 or i7 processor released in the past six years. If you have a PC with such a CPU, you wouldn’t want to downgrade by moving to the G450 . But if you’re trying to get into the PC gaming scene and you don’t have a lot of money, that’s a different matter.

Is Intel Pentium good for gamingBy now we believe you have the answer. The PC you buy should always be with clarity as regards the proposed function. If you are going for gaming PCs then you should know that the latest and stronger CPUs should suffice in this regard.


1.Intel Core i5-10600K

Pros & Cons

The Core i5-10600K’s combination of a higher thread count at similar pricing to the previous-gen, high stock clock frequencies, palatable power consumption, and agile overclockability cooks up a winner for the gaming and enthusiast crowds.

Intel even reduced the gap in threaded workloads like productivity tasks. For gamers looking for the edge of performance and enthusiasts who like to tune their processors without hideously-priced supporting components, the Core i5-10600K slots in as the new mainstream champ.

2.INTEL, Black, Micro

Pros & Cons

3.Intel Core i9-10900K

Pros & Cons

Aside from the promise of world-leading gaming performance, Intel also lowered gen-on-gen pricing to help fend off AMD’s Ryzen processors that currently hold sway over our list of best gaming processors and dominate our CPU Benchmark Hierarchy.

Once again, Intel aims its flagship chip squarely at enthusiasts and power users, touting the Core i9-10900K as the fastest gaming processor in the world. That performance comes mostly via the processor’s extra cores and the fact that it basically comes pre-overclocked to an all-core 4.9 GHz, not to mention the peak 5.3 GHz speeds.

4.Intel Core i9-9900K

Pros & Cons

Although Intel added more cores to its previous-gen Coffee Lake processors in an effort to keep up with AMD’s Ryzen CPUs, struggles with its 10nm node obviously delayed a more significant response.

The company’s ninth-generation Core processors, otherwise known as the Coffee Lake refresh, represent another step forward in a contentious battle for desktop supremacy as the company looks to maintain its top spots on our list of Best CPUs.

Intel’s line-up matches AMD’s Ryzen core-for-core, including a new Core i9 with eight Hyper-Threaded cores (8C/16T) and the highest frequencies we’ve seen in the mainstream space

5.Intel Core i7-10700K

Pros & Cons

As expected, Intel reserved the best features for its halo Core i9-10900K, like support for its Thermal Velocity Boost that triggers higher boost speeds if the chip runs below a certain temperature. However, the Core i7-10700K still marks the debut of Turbo Max 3.0 to the Core i7 family.

This tech targets the 10700K’s two fastest cores, which peak at 5.1 GHz, with lightly threaded workloads to improve snappiness. That results in a surprisingly close competition for gaming supremacy between the Core i7-10700K and the Core i9-10900K.

6.Intel Pentium Gold G5400

Pros & Cons

That makes them a big win for budget-oriented builders, particularly when they’re paired up with Intel’s H370, H310, and B360 chipsets.

Intel’s victory isn’t assured, though. AMD has a fearsome competitor in its overclockable Raven Ridge-based Ryzen 3 2200G, which sells for $100 and sports four execution cores plus the impressive Radeon Vega integrated graphics engine. It’s quick enough for low-resolution gaming, potentially saving lots of money on a discrete GPU.

7.Intel Pentium Gold G5420

Pros & Cons

The Intel Pentium Gold G5420 is a great CPU possibly from a bygone era. In 2020, it is still considered a modern CPU but with many features missing. While this is a “Coffee Lake” generation CPU, it is heavily de-featured. In our review, we are going to discuss the trade-offs made for this sub $65 part. While many will review this chip as a potential desktop part, we are going to take a look at it in the context of a server chip.

Key stats for the Intel Pentium Gold G5420: 2 cores / 4 threads with a 3.8GHz base clock and no turbo boost. There is 4MB of onboard cache. The CPU features a 54W TDP. These are $64 list price parts. Here is the Intel Ark page for your reference.

8.Intel Pentium Gold G-6400

Pros & Cons

The 10th Generation of Intel desktop processors delivered increased performance over the outgoing LGA1151 platform, pushing chips like the Core i9-10900K to prominence, with 10 cores and turbo speeds in excess of 5GHz. But not everyone needs a jet-fuel CPU, and 10th Generation Intel.

Soon to be augmented by 11th Generation “Rocket Lake” chips, runs all the way down to humdrum Celerons, and the Pentium Gold G6400, a quiet bargain at around . Though the chip does little to stand out from last-generation Pentium entries, it gains new prominence here in early 2021, with many CPUs and GPUs hard to find at retail, and prices distorted. You can get the Pentium Golds without much fuss, and if all you need is a PC for web browsing and wrestling Word documents, the G6400 is enough to get you by.

9.Intel Core i3-9100F

Pros & Cons

Other than the graphics block being enabled/disabled the two processors are identical.

Both Intel Core i3-9100 models have four cores/threads with a base clock of 3.6 GHz with a max turbo clock frequency of 4.2 GHz. Each have 6MB of Intel Smart Cache, are rated at 65W TDP and run on Intel 300 series chipset motherboards with the LGA1151 socket.

Neither model is fully unlocked since these are not ‘K-sku’ processors. That means the Core i3-9100 processors are multiplier locked, but the good news is that the news is that the bus speed is unlocked allowing for some clock adjustments.

10.Intel Core i9 i9-10980XE

Pros & Cons

For nearly any other consumer or prosumer computing task, including 3D gaming, the Core i9-10980XE cuts like a knife through butter.

The Core i9-10980XE is built on Intel’s Cascade Lake microarchitecture (here dubbed “Cascade Lake-X”), a 14-nanometer production process on which most of the company’s latest Xeon server and professional workstation chips are also built.

Despite this new architecture, the Core i9-10980XE’s features are mostly identical to those of the Core i9-9980XE Extreme Edition, based on the older “Skylake-X” architecture. In addition to identical core and thread counts, the two chips both lack integrated graphics processing (i.e., you’ll need a video card to run alongside), share the same TDP, and use the same LGA 2066 socket and X299 chipset.

Best Intel Pentium Cpu for Gaming – BUYER’S GUIDE

For the best in different categories, you may go for the Intel Core i7-8700K if you want the best value gaming, also, you could try the Intel Core i9-9900k if you are looking for the most powerful gaming CPU. Furthermore, you could go for the AMD Ryzen 3900X if you are looking for the most versatile processor.

You must, however, be mindful that a processor is not all there is in the world of gaming as the graphics card also matters. If you have a tight budget and desire the best in terms of gaming performance, you may want to go for a budget CPU and buying a Intel Pentium GPU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Consider Intel’s Pentium Gold For Gaming Purposes? 

Intel’s Pentium Gold CPU cannot be considered as the best for Gaming. The reasons for this are quite much; first and foremost, they do not support overlocking added to the fact that their clock speed is not all that high. However, having said that, you should also know that you could have it combined with a good graphics card for temporary gaming use.

How About The Pentium Silver

This one is in a class of its own. It can be best described as a lower power variant that was designed for both embedded and mobile applications. They hold the reputation of being the higher end solution designed to compete alongside ARM-based CPUs.

Where Can I Find Pentium Silver?

Chances are high that you may not get to see the Intel Silver CPU everywhere quite often. The reason for this is that this CPU type is custom made for DIY functions and hardware manufacturers. What this means is that you may not be finding it lying on a store shelf. They are usually only found mounted on aboard.


Best Intel Pentium Cpu for Gaming –  The Pentium brand is a one that is used for the x86 microprocessors made by Intel starting from1993. Based on the rating system of Intel, Pentium processors are rated at 2 stars which make them above the low-end Celeron and Atom series. They are however lower than the core i3, i5, i7, and i9. It would interest you to note that the name Pentium is gotten from the Greek word Penta which literarily means five.  Back in 2017, Intel divided the Pentium into two distinct line-ups namely the Pentium Gold and Silver.