Best 650 Watt Power Supply

Best 650 Watt Power Supply – The PSU market can feel like a minefield at times – on the surface they’re all black boxes with wires that power the PC, and digging deep into reviews can yield conflicting opinions. I hope this rundown gives you some options to consider when choosing your next 650W PSU. Any one of them will provide good service for years to come, so buy with confidence.

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1.Corsair CX Series 650 Watt

Pros & Cons

High-end PSUs might offer top-notch performance, but the models that drive sales are much more affordable. Corsair’s CX family is the company’s mainstream line-up. It’s one step above the entry-level VS series, which we don’t even have access to in the U.S.

The CX portfolio includes modular and non-modular products; the former is distinguished by the CX-M brand. There are five CX-M units in total with capacities ranging from 450 W to 850 W, covering the most popular categories. All of them feature 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency and have a 40 °C temperature rating for continuous full-load delivery.

2.EVGA Supernova 80 Plus Gold

Pros & Cons

EVGA is a company that hasn’t come across our power supply test bench before, but they are certainly well known. Their video cards are some of the fastest around as they offer units that are overclocked beyond that of reference units.

Their motherboards are sought out by enthusiasts for their extra features that allow for higher overclocking and performance. The EVGA SuperNOVA G2 power supply that we have on our bench today is meant to provide the power for these demanding products, which means it must also perform at the same levels in order to keep up with the rest of the system.

3.Seasonic FOCUS Plus 650 Gold

Pros & Cons

Seasonic’s 650W Focus Plus Platinum is ideal for mid-range gaming systems. Besides high efficiency and good performance, the SSR-650PX also offers quiet operation. A 10-year warranty inspires confidence in the Focus Plus Platinum’s longevity.

And best of all, this power supply won’t deplete your budget; it sells for about  online. If you’d rather spend less than , take a look at Seasonic’s 650W Focus Plus Gold PSU instead. That model serves up similar performance, but is a little less efficient in exchange for its lower price tag.

4.BitFenix Whisper M

Pros & Cons

BitFenix is a comparatively new company that quickly became an established brand name via their PC case designs. Today BitFenix is still focused primarily on cases but the company is slowly diversifying, offering supplies for case mods, audio products, and power supply units (PSUs). Ever since the company’s founding in 2010, we reviewed several of their case designs, but not any of their other products. Today we are having a look at their recently released ATX PSU series, the Whisper M.

The Whisper M is not BitFenix’s first attempt to diversify towards the PSU market. Their first attempt was about three years ago with the Fury series, a PSU series that heavily weighted towards aesthetics and with a relatively hefty price tag at the time of its release.

5.Power supply be quiet!

Pros & Cons

The be quiet System Power U9 line consists of four members with capacities ranging from 400W to 700W. These are mainstream units, suitable for cost-effective systems with low power requirements where efficiency isn’t priority one. In our opinion efficiency, which in a power supply represents the ratio of the output power divided by the input power, is of immense importance.

However, many users put their budget first so there is great demand for affordable, but less efficient units like the SU9-500.


Best 650 Watt Power Supply – For most gaming or creative systems with a moderately powerful CPU and GPU, 650W lands right on the sweet spot of price, performance and efficiency. It’s rare to find a single GPU system that requires more than 650W, and similarly even an entry-level system is better built with some PSU headroom to make a CPU or GPU upgrade down the line straight forwards. Finally, there’s the question of longevity: All of the PSU’s recommended below have great manufacturer warranties, some lasting 10 or 12 years. These PSU’s aren’t just for the system you build today, or the mid-cycle GPU upgrade in 2-3 years: They’ll power the complete PC overhaul you build in 5 years time to take advantage of whatever the latest technology advances are by then. That’s why it’s worth buying right the first time.