Best Power Supply for Gtx 1060

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Best Power Supply for Gtx 1060 – There isn’t a mid-range RTX card yet, so the 6GB GTX 1060 is still one of the best graphics cards out there for budget builds. If you’re buying parts for a new PC or revamping an existing build, you can get a GTX 1060 and an EVGA 600W power supply for just $239.99 after a mail-in rebate (or $260 without the rebate).

The graphics card is an EVGA GTX 1060, with 6GB of GDDR5 memory and the company’s custom ACX 2.0 cooling system.

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1.EVGA SuperNOVA 650

This is an interesting SFX PSU from EVGA, which partnered with FSP for the SuperNOVA 650 GM’s design. The platform offers high efficiency, great overall performance, and quiet operation under light and mid-range loads.

Its major competition is the similarly-priced Corsair SF600, which achieves higher performance but is limited to 50W-lower capacity. As a result, EVGA ends up with a winner on its hands.

2.Corsair RM Series

The Corsair RM650 has high performance in almost all areas and it is dead silent. Its only major downside seems to be the small price difference with the RM650x, which has better capacitors and a higher quality fan. Nonetheless, the RM650 scores higher efficiency under super-light loads and it also supports Windows 10’s Modern Standby mode.

If the price difference with the RM650x is close to 20 dollars (16 pounds) then the RM650 is a good deal, but with only 10 dollars (8  pounds) difference it will be a tough sale.

3.3600W Mining Power Supply

There’s a lot of cool hardware on the cryptocurrency mining scene, and one of the latest toys seems to be this Chinese 3600W power supply (via Cybercat 2077) that has surfaced at Daraz, an online marketplace that has the unit available as a flash deal.

Fundamentally, the LX-3600W is a fusion of two power supplies that couldn’t have been possible without some engineering magic. The power supply measures 30 x 19 x 8cm (11.8 x 7.5 x 3.1 inches), so it’s doubtful that it’ll fit into a typical computer case. Since it’s a unit tailored to cryptocurrency mining addicts, the LX-3600W will likely find its way to a mining rack.


This modular mining power supply can be a perfect tool for your Eth Coin rig.Rated power is 1600w,the peak can up to 1800w..

The power supply rated output power 1600w,with two 8-centimeter double ball fan convection design and durable.With up to 87% conversion efficiency,high efficiency and energy saving.Widely used in variety of mines and high-power single 12V industrial equipment.

5.ROSEWILL Power Supply

Rosewill’s marketing policy is strongly based on the offering of low cost products, not differentiation. Despite their very large range of products, generally speaking, most of them are designed so as to compete in terms of value, with the company and the designers trying to outprice the competition, not outperform it.

Rosewill will commonly minimize investing on features they deem unnecessary, such as aesthetic improvements or innovative elements, trying to deliver products of similar quality and performance as the competition at a lower price. Today we will be having a look at the best PSU series Rosewill currently offers, the Quark, the embodiment of Rosewill’s business stratagy.


Best Power Supply for Gtx 1060 – It’s a smaller card, at just 6.8 inches across, so it’s a great option for small form-factor builds. The included power supply is a 600W EVGA 80 Plus Bronze unit.

You can buy the EVGA GTX 1060 from Newegg. The listed price is $259.99, but if you mail in the included rebate, it drops to $239.99.

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