Best Power Supply for Gtx 1080

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Best Power Supply for Gtx 1080 – To conclude, overall when looking for the best PSU for the GTX 1080 you really need to look at the rest of the components in your setup in order to make the right decision.

But what is definite is that excessive wattage power supplies are completely unnecessary and are not worth purchasing and so it is advised to look at models with high efficiency coming in at around the 550-650 watt mark.

I know we recommend a 450w power supply on the list above but that is only if on a budget and if the rest of the system isn’t to power-hungry. You may scratch your head at this but if you search on gaming forums you will see that some people are using high-quality 450w models successfully with the GTX 1080.

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1.EVGA SuperNOVA 650 Ga

While EVGA keeps very strong ties with Super Flower, they are now also cooperating with SF’s main competitor Seasonic. These two manufacturers are among the best, and their platforms more often than not leave the competition in the dust.

If you are wondering why EVGA struck relations with both OEMs, the explanation is simple: They most likely didn’t want to rely on one manufacturer to the exclusion of anyone else, which makes sense. The most educated on PSU matters probably know that EVGA’s G2, P2, and T2 lines are by Super Flower, while the GS line consists of nothing but Seasonic-made units.

EVGA recently chose to hit the low-mid capacity regions hard by adding corresponding offers to their portfolio. The newer additions to the GS family are the 550 W and 650 W members that utilize a new Seasonic platform we haven’t come across so far, a modified platform of the one Seasonic uses in their budget G series line.

2.Corsair RM Series

The significant differences with the slightly more expensive RM650x come down to the cooling fan and the capacitors. The RM650 uses a 140mm Hong Hua fan and Chinese Elite caps, while the RM650x is only equipped with Japanese caps and the high-quality NR135L fan.

Nonetheless, there are some areas where the RM650 takes the lead because it uses an updated platform. Its efficiency under super-light loads is high, and it also supports Windows 10’s new Modern Standby mode, which allows the PC to boot reliably within a five seconds period.

3.3600W Mining Power Supply ATX

Fundamentally, the LX-3600W is a fusion of two power supplies that couldn’t have been possible without some engineering magic. The power supply measures 30 x 19 x 8cm (11.8 x 7.5 x 3.1 inches), so it’s doubtful that it’ll fit into a typical computer case. Since it’s a unit tailored to cryptocurrency mining addicts, the LX-3600W will likely find its way to a mining rack.

Assuming that our theory is sound, then each unit could provide up to 1,800W of power in unison to deliver the advertised capacity. Naturally, a standard 120V wall plug can’t deliver this much power, so the unit requires a 160V-260V power input, saying, “and the ordinary passive PFC power supply cannot work when the voltage is lower than 190V.”

4.Soontech 1800W

SoonTech 20 + 4-pin quiet noise reduction / PC-GPU ATX 1600W 87 plus gold power supply developed for US 110V 1600W ETH max power supply supports 8 graphics, with 1.5W US plug adapter cable

This modular mining power supply, rated at 1800W, could be an ideal tool for Eth Coin. Constant current circuit design, constant voltage output. It is a power source controlled by a temperature switch. It should take 30 seconds to 1 minute to run, which is normal and within normal range of use.

150mm fan cooling, automatic fan speed control, 150mm fan length, can achieve better system cooling, higher performance, compatible quality, balance between efficiency and stability, and the pursuit of continuity real performance.


This modular mining power supply can be a perfect tool for your Eth Coin rig.Rated power is 1600w,the peak can up to 1800w..

The power supply rated output power 1600w,with two 8-centimeter double ball fan convection design and durable.With up to 87% conversion efficiency,high efficiency and energy saving.Widely used in variety of mines and high-power single 12V industrial equipment.


Best Power Supply for Gtx 1080  – Since its release in 2016, the GTX 1080 has been a favorite among the gaming community. Its powerful performance can run pretty much every game in ultra settings and this graphics card shows no sign of falling behind in today’s market anytime soon, handling the more advanced and graphic-intense VR games.