Best Power Supply for Gtx 970

Best Power Supply for Gtx 970 – Wattage is the most important metric for choosing a PSU. The recommended power supply for GTX 970, can be provided by a PSU of wattage 500-750 W.

To help you in making a good choice of PSU, we came up with the following list of some of the market’s best PSU for gtx 970.

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1.Corsair RM Series

Pros & Cons

The Corsair RM650 has high performance in almost all areas and it is dead silent. Its only major downside seems to be the small price difference with the RM650x, which has better capacitors and a higher quality fan. Nonetheless, the RM650 scores higher efficiency under super-light loads and it also supports Windows 10’s Modern Standby mode.

If the price difference with the RM650x is close to 20 dollars (16 pounds) then the RM650 is a good deal, but with only 10 dollars (8  pounds) difference it will be a tough sale.

2.Rosewill 1000W ATX

Pros & Cons

The big advantage of Rosewill’s PSU portfolio comes from the company’s affordable prices, which allow it to achieve high performance-per-dollar ratios. The Quark series, however, isn’t a stand-out value contender compared to the PSU market’s tough competition;

This shows that Rosewill isn’t afraid of having its PSUs do battle with products from well-established companies in this market segment. The truth is that when you invest in a good platform and quality components, you cannot lower the price of the product below a certain point without taking a loss.

3.Cooler Master V750 Gold

Pros & Cons

The Cooler Master V750 Gold has modest lineage. The Cooler Master V850, its sibling, has high build quality and registers a satisfactory overall performance, but it can be noisy, under harsh operating conditions, and to make matters worse, it is expensive. With notably less money, you can get a better power supply, including the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold with similar capacity, and the Corsair RM750x and RM750.

We had reviewed the previous generation V750 model back in 2015. Enhance Electronics provided the platform, which featured compact dimensions, thanks to a “3D” circuit that was used, which was just a fancy description for a daughter-board used to transfer the +12V rail to the modular PCB.

4.Enermax Revolution SFX 650W

Pros & Cons

PC gaming parts are constantly getting more powerful, efficient, and affordable, which is making the PC platform a very serious rival of consoles when it comes to living room gaming. Especially since the release of the Pascal GPUs some months ago, which virtually enabled seamless 4K gaming with a single card, the number of users investing in a living room gaming PC has been increasing significantly.

When it comes to living room gaming PCs however, size is a very important factor and may even outweigh that of the cost. A large PC tower is rarely a feasible option, with users demanding small and elegant designs that  match the aesthetics of a modern living room. With many reputable manufacturers offering products specifically designed for living room gaming PCs, the selection of a proper case and peripherals is not an issue. The selection of internal components however can become an ordeal, as compact cases often have numerous limitations.

5.EVGA 750 BQ

Pros & Cons

EVGA has a huge portfolio of PSUs and, along with Corsair, is considered one of the most popular companies in this market. We usually review EVGA’s mid-range and high-end products, so it’s high time we evaluate one of the company’s mainstream offerings.

The BQ line initially started with 650W, 750W, and 850W members. They were all made by HEC and featured semi-modular cabling, along with 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency. Recently, 500W and 600W capacities were added to the family. They’re manufactured by Andyson instead, though. We can safely assume that these new BQ PSUs use DC-DC converters since they’re able to deliver full power on the +12V rail if needed.


Best Power Supply for Gtx 970 – We know you are pumped up and ready for some serious gaming. Before you get too excited, let us remind you that without good power supply for GTX 970, your GTX is not going to perform as you were promised it would.