Best Power Supply for i7 8700k

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Best Power Supply for i7 8700k – Do you think that 650W PSU (seasonic gold prime class PSU’s or similar quality) will be enough for upcoming i7-8700k CPU paired with GTX1080Ti?

I thought it will when I was comparing i7-8700k and i7-7700k TDPs that are about the same (i always thought TDP comes in pair with power draw).

But in recent entry in Software reports for i7-8700k you can see there “Average Power 308.5W” whereas i7-7700k in most of reviews didnt draw more power than 140W.

Is it realistic that i7-8700k will require twice as much power as i7-7700k with “just” two more cores?

I was 100% sure that for i7-7700k + GTX1080ti 650W PSU and thought it will be enough for i7-8700k too but now i started to have doubts if i shouldn’t go for something higher like 750W.

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1.Gigabyte PB500 80

Gigabyte PB500 80 plus bronze 500 watt black 150x140x86mm power supply unit. 120mm silent fans, MB 20 + 4 pins, CPU 4 + 4 pins PCI-E 6 + 2 pins, SATA, and peripherals.

120mm silent fan optimizes the noise reduction and the thermal performance. The fan speed is adjusted according to the automatic power detection. The Hydraulic Bearing fan provides longer and more stable life time.e

PB500 provides the best solution for the system builds. The mesh braided cable reduces the clutter and improves the airflow in the case.

A single +12Vdc rail provides the best power output, stability and compatibility for your computer hardware. It also is the easiest design in terms of hardware installations too.

2.Seasonic PRIME PX-1000

This impressive electrical performance and stability makes this power supply an ideal choice for high-performance systems. FULL MODULAR – Use only the cables you need to reduce clutter and improve airflow for a better ventilated system.

80 PLUS PLATINUM – Less energy gets wasted during power conversion; Cut down your electricity usage and be Eco-Friendly. REMIUM HYBRID FAN CONTROL: Unsurpassed silent performance in Fanless Mode. The fan control button at the back of the power supply allows users to customize cooling needs by selecting between Seasonic S2FC (fan control without Fanless Mode) and S3FC (fan control including Fanless Mode).

3.Raidmax XT Series RX-400XT

Raidmax announced three XT-series entry-level PSUs, the 300-Watt RX-300XT, the 400-Watt RX-400XT, and the 500-Watt RX-500XT. The three offer a very basic feature-set, but offer a few neat features such as a low-noise, temperature-controlled 120 mm fan; Core “Haswell” C-states support, a single +12V rail design, and modern electrical protection mechanisms, against over/under-voltage, overload, and short-circuit.

The 300W model lacks PCIe power cables; the 400W model offers a single 6-pin cable; while the 500W tops it with a 6+2 pin cable in addition to the 6-pin. Other connectors include 24-pin ATX, 4+4 pin EPS, 4x SATA-power, and two 4-pin Molex. The company didn’t announce pricing.

4.ARESGAME Power Supply 500W

ARESGAME AGV650 is a high-end power supply configuration with 80plus Bronze certified and 85% efficiency, specially designed for gaming. Features include black casing, black bushing cables and connectors, and black fan with intelligent fan speed control Excellent heat dissipation: honeycomb ventilation design combines with the fan function for better heat diffusion.

Convenient cable design: long cable length at least 500mm supports high-end case and meets users’ needs of the perfect cable.

5.EVGA 500W 80PLUS

High-end products provide prestige to a manufacturer’s name, but the mainstream and mid-level ones pay the bills because they sell in much larger quantities. EVGA knows this and has released a mainstream PSU for the budget user’s small or secondary system at the same time as their new SuperNOVA units.

Today’s star, the fresh EVGA Bronze 500 W unit, or 500B, is supposed to get the job done reliably without putting a dent into your bank account. Promising good performance and compatibility with Haswell’s advanced sleep states, we are pretty sure many of you will like this little fellow costing .

The 500B features a non-modular design, is 80 Plus Bronze certified, and has very compact dimensions. The OEM behind this unit is HEC/Compucase.


Best Power Supply for i7 8700k – The processor Core i7-8700K, made by Intel, was released on October of 2017.

The CPU has 6 cores with hyper threading (12 threads). The frequency of the CPU is 3.7GHz and can go up to 4.7GHz.

Gigabyte PB500 80
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Seasonic PRIME PX-1000
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Raidmax XT Series RX-400XT
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ARESGAME Power Supply 500W
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