Best Power Supply Under 50

Best Power Supply Under 50 – The most immediate aspect of a PSU that most people will look for is in its wattage. The higher the wattage the better, right? Sort of, but that’s not necessarily true.

A PSU’s wattage only dictates how much current it can handle, which determines how powerful a PC it can handle without shutting down. How much wattage you want to use depends on how much power your PC consumes.

The more wattage, the more expensive the PSU, but not necessarily delivering a better quality product. It’s overall performance is more vital to analyze, including how stable a current it provides, its internal specifications, the quality of its build, noise level, and so on. The most important part isn’t how high a number it has, it’s its overall effectiveness and reliability as a product that fits your build.

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1.ARESGAME Power Supply 500W

Pros & Cons

ARESGAME AGV500 is the perfect balance between affordable price and excellent performance. –Very stable power output makes it the most popular and reliable PSU choice.–Its luxurious black appearance also brings a high-tech feel for your game setting.

2.EVGA 500W 80PLUS

Pros & Cons

High-end products provide prestige to a manufacturer’s name, but the mainstream and mid-level ones pay the bills because they sell in much larger quantities. EVGA knows this and has released a mainstream PSU for the budget user’s small or secondary system at the same time as their new SuperNOVA units.

Today’s star, the fresh EVGA Bronze 500 W unit, or 500B, is supposed to get the job done reliably without putting a dent into your bank account. Promising good performance and compatibility with Haswell’s advanced sleep states, we are pretty sure many of you will like this little fellow costing .

The 500B features a non-modular design, is 80 Plus Bronze certified, and has very compact dimensions. The OEM behind this unit is HEC/Compucase. This specific manufacturer produces affordable units, and we have actually encountered the same platform in our recent be quiet! L8-500 review. But there are differences between the two units sharing the same platform, and we will make sure to point them out to you in this review.

3.Thermaltake Smart 500W 80+

Pros & Cons

However, most users don’t buy high-end PSUs and instead opt for much more affordable models. One of the most popular PSUs is the Thermaltake Smart RGB 500 W, with 600 W and 700 W siblings. The Smart RGB line comes in two flavors, one with 230 V input only and another for the US with 115 V input. Since I don’t have the 115 V version, I cannot comment on the hardware-specific differences between the two.

With a double-forward topology on the primary and passive rectification and group regulation on the secondary side, why this PSU is so affordable is immediately evident. It does not compare to the Corsair CX450 or CX550, as both of those PSUs use modern platforms. Neither Corsair PSU has RGB lighting, however, which may be a deal-breaker for some users. Highly preferable would have been if Thermaltake hadn’t even spent a cent on RGB lighting to instead put those savings towards a more advanced platform.

4.Cooler Master MWE White 450

Pros & Cons

Fit for users who aren’t putting together a high-end gaming build, the Cooler Master MWE 450 WHITE – V2 450W 80 Plus Standard ATX Power Supply offers just the basics. Aside from 450W of power, it’s also 80 Plus rated for efficiency and has all the standard cables you’ll need in a typical build.

Due to its non-modular design, unused cables will have to be tucked away to avoid blocking airflow. Once it’s installed, it keeps itself cool with a built-in 120 mm cooling fan.

5.Apevia RP500W Raptor 500W

Pros & Cons

Apevia RP500W Raptor Series 500W Power Supply with 1 x 120mm Auto-Thermally Controlled Red Case Fan (No LED Lights). 1 x 20 /24pin Main Power /1 x 12V(P4) / 3 x SATA/ 3 x Molex/ 1 x 6+2-pin PCI-express/ 1 x Floppy Connectors. 115/230V Switch, 5% Tolerance of 5V, 3.3V & 12V Output. Max. Output Current +3.3V(16A), +5V(16A), +12V(36A), -12V(0.3A), +5Vsb(2.5A), Circuit/Over-Current/Over-Voltage/Over-Power/Under-Voltage/Over-Temperature Protections.

For safety, do not overload, abuse or modify the power supply unit. Use of this unit for Bitcoin Mining is not suggested since it will shorten the life and cause failures of power supply. Use for mining purposes is not covered by warranty.


Best Power Supply Under 50   To build a powerful PC, you need an equally powerful PSU (Power Supply Unit) to match it. You need something that delivers on everything: cooling, wattage, efficiency, stability, so on and so forth. But not everyone can afford to splurge on a pricey component, and certainly not if it’s only marginally better than a cheaper option.

That’s why, for this article, we’re going to be reviewing the 6 best PSUs under $50 in 2021.