Best Ram for Ryzen 5 3600x

Best Ram for Ryzen 5 3600x – There you have it, four of the best options for memory if you have a Ryzen 5 3600 or 3600x.

From the affordable to the high end RGB monsters, there is a kit of memory  that is sure to fit your budget and build perfectly.

Choose the one that you can afford and gives you the best performance for your money.

While there are plenty more options out there, these are tried and true kits that are compatible with AMD’s platform that will not cause you any problems in your system.

Choosing the right RAM for you comes down to you and your requirements. Pick the RAM kit that fulfills your requirements to get the performance that will satisfy you.


1.G.Skill Trident Z Neo Series 16GB

Pros & Cons

2.Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB

Pros & Cons

3.Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro SL

Pros & Cons

4.Crucial Ballistix 3200 MHz

Pros & Cons

5.Crucial Ballistix RGB 3200

Pros & Cons

6.Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 3000

Pros & Cons

7.Crucial 16GB PC4-28800

Pros & Cons

8.Patriot Viper 4 Extreme

Pros & Cons

9.Patriot Viper 4 Blackout Series

Pros & Cons

10.Kingston HyperX Fury 16GB Kit

Pros & Cons

Best Ram for Ryzen 5 3600x – BUYER’S GUIDE

But are there certain brands and speeds that will work better with your shiny new Ryzen 5 3600 or 3600x processor?

We have scoured the internet, looking for the greatest memory for these processors we could find.

We researched them all as deeply as possible so you don’t have to. We have narrowed it down to four memory kits we believe are the greatest available for the 3rd generation Ryzen 5s.

Let’s dive right in and check out the four we have chosen, and why we think they are the best for your computer build.

They are mainly all 16GB kits, as we believe that is the best option today for memory capacity if you are running the Windows operating system.


This is our roundup review of the best RAM For Ryzen 5 3600 / 3600X processors in 2021.

From the moment AMD launched their Ryzen processors to high praise, there was always one singular problem with the platform.

Their processors were very picky about what memory they were paired with, and in some cases simply wouldn’t even boot if used with certain RAM.

Luckily, we are now into the third generation of these processors, and their compatibility with different memory is far greater.

You can pick up pretty much any brand and plug it into your motherboard and it will work right out of the box.