Best External Ssd for Xbox One

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Best External Ssd for Xbox One – With Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S featuring custom NVMe SSDs, the next generation heavily leans on fast storage to maximize performance. That high demand means that while USB 3.2 drives work with the console, they’re limited compared to baked-in storage. Microsoft has partnered with Seagate on its own proprietary expansion solution, mimicking the internal SSD used but compacted into a portable form factor. That positions the Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox as the only SSD expansion capable of playing Xbox Series-optimized titles.

But the Microsoft-approved expansion card isn’t cheap, with other USB SSDs also suited for backward compatibility and storage. The Samsung T7 Portable SSD provides a high-speed alternative, ideal for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox titles via backward compatibility.


And provided you’re open to navigating the limitations, it’s also a quick drive to shuttle games back and forth from your internal SSD.



3.LaCie Portable SSD

4.ADATA SD600Q 480GB

5.Toshiba Canvio

6.Silicon Power 1TB

7.SanDisk 2TB Extreme


9.Crucial X6 1TB


Best External Ssd for Xbox One – BUYER’S GUIDE

The good news is that you don’t need a specialized external hard drive for a PS4 or Xbox One; just about anything will work. As such, what you should look for in the best external hard drives for PS4 and Xbox One is exactly the same as what you should look for in a hard drive, in general. You want the appropriate amount of storage space, a fast read speed, a small profile and a reliable brand name, just in case something goes wrong.

As such, our top pick is the Western Digital Elements 4 TB Portable External Drive. If you’re familiar with WD, you’ll know that the company has been in the storage game for a while, and generally makes durable, high-quality products that work exactly as they’re supposed to. With 4 TB storage, you’ll be able to store dozens of games, and at less than five inches across, it won’t take up too much space in your entertainment center.

If you want something a little more stylish, and you have an Xbox One, consider the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox. This hard drive distinguishes itself from a lot of the competition by coming in a white chassis with an Xbox logo, just like an Xbox One console. Combined with its fast read speed, you could place the Seagate Game Drive for Xbox right next to your console, and it’d look good as a permanent fixture in your living room.

One quick note: Now that the PS5 and Xbox Series X are out, these external drives might not make the best accessories for them. While you can still hook external drives up to the new consoles, next-gen games require specialized SSDs, which are generally much more expensive. If you have a lot of PS4 or Xbox One games to take with you, these hard drives could still come in handy; otherwise, save your money for next-gen gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What PS4 or Xbox One hard drive size do I need?

Most consoles ship with either 500GB or 1TB drives, so we’d recommend going with a drive that’s at least this size to make it a meaningful upgrade.

Particularly at the end of a console generation, with headline titles like The Last of Us Part Two and The Ghost of Tsushima coming out and Warzone patch sizes seemingly ballooning out of control, larger hard drives will allow you to spend more time gaming and less time anxiously deciding which game you’ll have to uninstall next.

2TB and 4TB sizes are a great middle-ground, offering a ton of space at a reasonable price, while even larger drives – up to 8TB – do tend to cost more per gigabyte but mean that you might never need to uninstall a game you’re interested in playing.

If you’re going for faster SSD storage, then 500GB is again a good place to start. External SSDs are much more expensive than external hard drives, so we don’t recommend anything beyond a 1TB or 2TB drive as prices quickly become prohibitive.

How to add an external hard drive to PS4 or Xbox One?

Thankfully, it’s super easy to add external storage to your games console. Simply plug the external drive into any of your PS4 or Xbox One’s USB ports, using the cable that came in the box. If there’s an external power cable included with your drive (something you typically only see with physically larger drives), plug that into a nearby power outlet. The PS4 or Xbox One will automatically recognise the drive and offer to format it for you. Accept this, wait a few seconds and you’ll be told that the drive is ready. From here, you can begin installing games to the drive, or moving from your internal storage.


Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S raise the bar for console performance, with its new custom NVMe solid-state drive (SSD) storage a crucial component in those gains. You can also expand either console’s storage capacity with external hard drives, or an SSD delivering the pinnacle in speed. However, both consoles vastly differ from the Xbox One family, with firm limitations applied to most drives. That makes the Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox the best SSD for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, mirroring each console’s own internal SSD.