Best Ssd for Mac Pro

Best Ssd for Mac Pro – When you decide to upgrade the storage of your MacBook Pro, it is not in doubt that your aim will be to get more storage. The considerations should, however, not stop there. It is good to choose an SSD which provides storage space that is fast to read and write on. SSDs also last a long time and reliable. But what is the best SSD for MacBook Pro?

This depends on what kind of MacBook Pro it is you are using. If it was made in 2013 or earlier, you will need a SATA SSD while those using MacBook Pros made later require PCIe SSDs.


There are many in each category but above we have looked at the best. Think of what capacity it is you want and choose one that suits you from the picks above and upgrades your Mac’s storage.

1.Crucial MX500 500GB

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2.SanDisk 1TB Extreme

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3.SanDisk SSD

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4.SanDisk 480GB SSD

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5.LaCie Rugged SSD Pro

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7.Western Digital 1TB

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8.Seagate Barracuda

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10.OWC 1.0TB Aura Pro

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Best Ssd for Mac Pro – BUYER’S GUIDE

Storage Size – A key factor to look for in a good SSD is storage. Storage capacity varies according to price, but generally speaking, you’ll want a minimum of 250GB of storage for an SSD you plan to use as an OS drive. That means it should be able to handle your operating system, key programs, and a few additional files and games. Larger storage options range from 480GB, 960GB. 1TB, and 2TB, each with a corresponding price increase. For those who have a lot of photos, videos, and games, you’ll likely want at least 1TB.

Read/Write Speed – Sequential read/write speed measure the performance of an SSD. The read speed measures how long it takes to open a file, while a write speed measures how long it takes to save something to an SSD. The higher numbers are better. In most cases, affordable SSDs tends to have lower read/write speeds, but they’re still fast enough for the average person when it comes to booting and multitasking. If you have a more intensive workflow requiring video and photo editing and rendering, a faster and more expensive SSD can pay off.

Software – Getting all your files over to a new SSD isn’t always a simple process. Many SSDs will come pre-partitioned, so a portion of the storage has already been allocated as a backup. They may also come with software (as in the case of Samsung) allowing you to easily copy and transfer files from an old drive to a new one and manage firmware updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you replace the MacBook Pro’s internal SSD yourself?
The newest MacBooks aren’t serviceable by most users, at least not officially. Doing so may void your warranty. That said, if you know what you’re doing and you have the right tools, it’s possible to swap out the SSD yourself. Take a look at our instructions for how to upgrade your Mac’s drive.

Can I install 2 SSDs in a MacBook Pro?
The MacBook Pro only have a single drive slot, so you can’t add a second SSD. Your only option is to replace the existing SSD with a bigger one. Another alternative is to use an external storage device. It’s also worth taking advantage of cloud storage options if you’re hard up for space.

What SSDs are compatible with the MacBook Pro?
All of the SSDs on this roundup are compatible with the MacBook Pro. We’re particularly partial to the SanDisk SSD Plus as one of our top choices. It works well with older MacBooks and offers fast read/write speeds. Other options come from reputable brands like Samsung, WD, Seagate, and others.


SSDs are more responsive in terms of their performance. It is faster to copy data from and save to SSDs than HDDs. The prior also operate quietly compared to the latter. If you want a drive that will not be crushing any time soon, then you better get a solid state drive. However, there are many SSDs out there that knowing the best one on your MacBook Pro may be hard.

In this article, you will find details on all the things you need to know about choosing a hard drive. You will also find the best recommendations. Without further ado, let us look at what makes the best SSD for MacBook Pro in 2021.