Best Thermal Paste for Ryzen

Best Thermal Paste for Ryzen – Ryzen CPUs often run hot thanks to the unique chiplet design and the high TDP they feature; to efficiently move the generated heat away, PC builders should use the best thermal paste possible for their system!

As such, we like to provide a representation of the wide variety of products available while also choosing only the best options for you.


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2.Noctua NT-H1

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3.Arctic Silver 5 AS5-3.5G

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4.Nabob Deals

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5.Thermal Paste SYY 2 Grams

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Best Thermal Paste for Ryzen – Your processor’s thermal paste needs to be able to efficiently move the heat away from your CPU’s IHS heat spreader to the attached CPU cooler. This efficiency is usually measured in the paste’s Thermal Conductivity; the higher the thermal conductivity, the better!

The amount of thermal paste given is also significant. Most pastes give you anywhere from 1 gram all the way up to 5 grams; the higher efficiency thermal pastes usually come in a smaller amount.