Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum – While pool cleaners – even those at the high end – are a fraction of your overall investment, it still pays to conduct thorough research to avoid disappointment and aggravation down the road. After all, why risk your water quality and poolside experience?

Given the plethora of choices available, it may seem impossible to work through all the technical jargon and special offers. That is why we are proud to present a list of five in-depth above ground pool cleaner reviews. Whether you place greater emphasis on performance, price, or another aspect of cleaners, the goal of these reviews is to help you choose wisely.



The Dolphin Escape above ground pool cleaner debuted in 2016. It offers above average features for a mid-market price range.

It is “plug and play”, since you don’t have to buy any accessories for it to work or even a power supply. Just plug the forty foot power cord into the wall and put the robotic pool cleaner in the pool. Its efficient motor uses less power than average, and it finishes most above ground pools in an hour and a half or less.


One of the major attractions of this unit is that it comes pre-assembled with over thirty feet of hose, so the only step for use is connecting it to the water hoses that propel it. It can adjust itself as the flow changes due to demand, so it won’t stall if something else lowers the GPM flow rate temporarily.

The Zodiac sweeper works quickly and reliably, rarely jamming or needing to be relocated. If you need to pull it out of the corner or move it out of the way, the ring around the head makes it easy to move. It doesn’t get stuck on ladders or corners. It doesn’t get stuck in dished out bottom pool. It can climb the sides of the pool to clean those as well as the bottom of the pool.

3.Hayward W3900

The “Wanda the Whale” pool cleaner is so named because it is designed to look like a whale. This makes it a good choice for above ground pools filled with young children that might otherwise be afraid of the pool cleaner.

The Hayward automatic pool cleaner is available in “Diver Dave” and “Aqua Bug” designs as well, but this one is noted because it is marked down more significantly on sale. In short, it is one of the cheapest models by this manufacturer, with the same performance.

4.Pentair K50600

This unit has only one moving part, so it rarely breaks down. It comes with a skimming valve so that it can run at the same speed regardless of variations in water pressure. It only works well if connected to a pool pump with at least three quarters of a horsepower.

The unit has a random operating pattern intended to make sure it covers every inch of the pool. It comes with 32’ of hose so it can cover very large above ground and in ground pools. You can buy more hose and run the unit as long as the pool pump has sufficient power for it.


The VIVOHOME is the best above ground and inground pool cleaner for those on a budget if you can get it on sale. It doesn’t have wheels that can damage the bottom of a vinyl pool. It can work in both above ground and in ground pools.

It can connect to an existing pool system without any additional pars as long as the hoses and connections match your existing filtration system. This pool sweeper needs at least 1000 gallons per hour of power to run.


This pool cleaning  robotic vacuum has the same intelligence as a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner; it is capable of determining its location and the shape of the pool and cleaning all of it. The unit can change direction and rarely gets trapped.

This robotic pool cleaner is lighter than some of its rival heavy-weights, so it is safe for vinyl pools as well as fiberglass and concrete pools.

7.Polaris Vac-Sweep

This unit can handle longer above ground pools up to forty feet long. This unit can handle walls with a radius if the radius is at least six inches. However, it won’t scrub up to the water line like the unit’s larger siblings. If it tries to climb the walls, it can flip over and get stuck that way until manually corrected.

It can pick up big debris like acorns, leaves and so forth. It can pick up silt, but you have to empty the bag more often when it does or else the unit loses suction.


Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum – Summer is here and the living is easy, especially if you are blessed to own a swimming pool. Yet, most people with above ground swimming pools wish they could do away with tedious, manual cleaning by finding a reliable above-ground automated cleaner to do the job.