Best Ash Vacuum for Pellet Stove

Best Ash Vacuum for Pellet Stove – Are you fond of barbeque but struggle cleaning the mess, it turns out? How about the ashes of the pellet stove? If you use a fireplace or even an old-fashioned oven, the ash will always be a constant. You know you’ll always end up cleaning all the ash at the end of the day. Gone is the day when people used to clean ashes using their hands.

Furthermore, cleaning ash using tools like a brush and shovel is a challenging task. You might also inhale some ash in the air that can cause severe lung problems. A great solution to these problems would have a Hot Ash Vacuum.


1.ASHJ201 Ash Vacuum

The standout feature of this vacuum is that it’s cordless! This feature makes it perfect for someone who needs the freedom to use the vacuum anywhere. For example, it can be super important if you want to vacuum a grill or grate down near your outdoor fire pit or barbecue grill that’s nowhere near an outlet.

It comes with a 20V rechargeable battery that (they say) can be used for 1000 cycles. But, we’re always a little wary of rechargeable battery vacuums. We’ve found several times in the past that they don’t stand up to the challenge. And this is even more important for an ash vacuum which relies on high pressure to handle the extra filtration.

2.Snow Joe ASHJ202E 5

Next in our line of fire – no pun intended – is the Snow Joe model. This model is much different from what we just saw. It has a less-powerful motor at just four amps but does have an extra 1.8 gallons of room to its name.

It differs in another way too. It can only be used on cool ash, whereas the previous model was for cool and warm ash cleaning.

Not to worry – it means you can clean up last night’s party-come-barbeque in the morning instead of setting off the neighbor’s dog at 1 am.

3.PowerSmith PAVC101

Are you hunting for an affordable ash vacuum cleaner for your home? Just end your quest. PowerSmith PAVC101 will be the one that you’re looking for. The price of this ash vac is below 100$, which is excellent. Undoubtedly, you will not get any other quality ash vacuum cleaner at this price range.

The product is specifically made to clean hot ash from wood stoves, fireplaces, and barbeques. It is also one of the finest ash vacuum cleaners for pellet stoves. The vacuum comes with a wheeled base so you can use it around conveniently. You can also use it to vacuum your floor and carpet because the manufacturer of PowerSmith Ash Vac designed it to do this work.


At first glance, it’s clear DeWalt designed this impact wrench as a compact model. It’s less than 5 inches long from tip to tail (4.97 inches). At the top of the handle, the head angles up slightly giving you more access to space without the battery getting in your way.

The tool is relatively lightweight as well. Bare it weighs 2.5 pounds, a 2.0Ah battery brings it to 3.3 pounds, and a 5.0Ah pack gets it to 3.9 pounds.

5.Pellethead Ash Vacuum

The final product of this expert roundup of top ash vacuum cleaners is Pellethead Ash Vac. If you want a vacuum cleaner with the ability to clean, cool and warm ashes, this product will surely give you an optimum solution. This superb product comes with dual HEPA filters, which are washable and, of course, heat resistant to provide you with the best user experience with vacuum cleaning.

The powerful 10 AMP motor will ensure that you’ll get nothing but effective cleaning with this cleaner. The noise level of this tool is only 78 dB, so you can perform the cleaning quietly without disturbing other people. The canister size is 5 gallons, and the metal hose is 7 feet so that you don’t need to face any problems while using this cleaner.

6.Shop-Vac 4041200

This vacuum is made by Shop-Vac Corporation, which was established in 1965. Since then, they proudly manufacture quality vacuum cleaners and vacuum cleaner accessories like filters, bags, hoses, etc. This vacuum cleaner model of Shop-vac is known for its wide range and ash cleaning capacity in every type of situation. It has a straightforward design that makes it very simple for you to use, and you won’t need a manual to operate this.

The product uses a HEPA cartridge filtration system which makes it great for even the smallest ash grains. The filter has three layers of metal filter for a better lifetime. The filter is attached to the powerhead of the vacuum. Although the filter is made of durable materials, it will not last more than one year. So, you need to change it after using it for a season. For better performance and longer durability of the filter, it is recommended to clean the filter after every use.

7.WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacs Ash Vacuum

This Workshop wet/dry ash vacuum cleaner comes with many exclusive features to meet all of your expectations. It is specially designed for collecting ashes under 122˚F so that you can quickly clean up any kind of messy dry spots of your house. The HEPA media filter will collect ash and acceptable debris easily to give you a whole new level of users’ experience.

Besides, the hose comes with an LED light, so you’ll get better visibility while collecting ashes from stoves, fireplaces, or pits. On top of that, the large carry handle will help you to work with this device conveniently. However, on the downside, you should use this cleaner for dry use only and never use it in any wet places.


Best Ash Vacuum for Pellet Stove – There is no denying that an ash vacuum cleaner is necessary for every home to keep it free from unwanted warm or cool ashes. But, choosing the Best Ash Vacuum Cleaner is not an easy fish to fry given that all poor-quality products are available out in the market.

So, to help you out, we are here with our exclusive ash vacuum cleaner reviews so that you can choose the best option for you. Stay with us throughout the article to know everything about the ash vacuum cleaner to buy the best product.