Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair – If you’re a pet owner, there’s no doubt you’ve had to deal with the hassle that comes with shedding. We all love our furry friends, but there’s no denying pet hair is a nuisance.

It has a nasty tendency of getting everywhere, so a vacuum that can clear this type of debris across a wide range of surfaces is crucial. Good maneuverability and portability are plus points, as they let you clean pet hair from underneath and around couches, tables, and other types of furniture.



Immense power in an aesthetically pleasing package is what this Miele C1 is all about. But what makes us love Miele is that its beauty goes beyond the exterior.

Inside sits a powerful 1,200-watt motor, guaranteeing a high output of suction power. Plus, it includes several accessories such as a floorhead, dusting brush, upholstery, and crevice Tool to complete your cleaning essentials.


If you’re looking for an efficient upright vacuum, we highly recommend this one from Oreck. It’s versatile and lightweight, weighing about 8 pounds. Plus, it fits comfortably close to walls and under furniture.

To keep the suction going, a cog-V Endurolife belt motor whirls the helix head brushes at 9,500 RMPs. It’s incredibly durable and efficient, especially for hard floors.


Practical and light as a feather is how we describe this multi-surface vacuum. It ranks high among bagged canister vacuums, thanks to its ability to effectively get rid of pet hair.

Although the rug is where it thrives, take it for a spin on hard flooring and you’ll see what it can do. Its ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand, and it glides effortlessly at your commands.

4.Hoover WindTunnel 3

We certainly do cherish our pets — but they leave behind a fair amount of mess. No matter how much we love them, the shedding hair has got to go. Hoover specifically designed this vacuum to fit a household with pets.

It consists of a Pet Approved Windtunnel System, adorably called P.A.W.S. The system is composed of Hoover’s WindTunnel Technology, enforced by a HEPA filter to trap pollen and dust.


If you’re searching for a lightweight vacuum with plenty of power, look no further. Eureka’s Mighty Mite weighs less than 9 pounds but packs a 1,500-watt motor.

It comes with several pet hair attachments as well as a HEPA filter. The filtration will remove 99.97 percent of dirt and dust. It’s also fitted with an odor eliminating Arm and Hammer Dust Bag.

6.Dyson Cyclone V10

This vacuum’s lightweight construction makes it simple to maneuver. Its use of easy-clip mechanisms allows you to quickly attach any one of the wide variety of included tools or reconfigure it into a handheld vacuum for cleaning shelves, countertops, and furniture. Its battery performance is good overall, and you can expect a maximum of roughly 70 minutes of runtime, though this can vary in the real world. The LED display on top of the vacuum provides you with a rough estimate of the remaining battery life and an estimate of the size and number of particles it picks up.

Unfortunately, this vacuum doesn’t feel particularly sturdy, especially its clear plastic dirt compartment, which could break if you drop it. Its strong suction force can also cause it to get caught on rug tassels and pull some lighter rugs around. There are also quite a few parts that need regular cleaning. Still, if you’re looking for a cordless vacuum that can handle pet hair, this is an excellent option.

7.Kenmore DU3017

Pet hair is an annoyance for most pet owners, but if you or someone in your family happens to be allergic to pet hair, it can also be a serious health issue. This upright Kenmore has all the extras to keep pet hair where it belongs — inside the vacuum.

Certified by The Asthma and Allergy Foundation (AAFA), this Kenmore has a HEPA filter and passed AAFA tests for low emissions both while vacuuming and when changing the bag and while we haven’t tested this specific model, Kenmore vacuums do well in our performance tests, we know and trust the rigid standards of the AAFA, and are impressed with their certification criteria.


Best Bagged Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair – We’ve tested over 100 vacuum cleaners, and below are our recommendations for the best vacuums for pet hair. These recommendations are based not only on their pet-hair cleaning performance on different types of surfaces but also on their design and price. For more buying recommendations, look at our list of the best robot vacuums for pet hair, the best handheld vacuums for pet hair, the best apartment vacuums, and the best vacuums for high-pile carpet.