Best Canister Vacuum for Carpet and Pet Hair

Best Canister Vacuum for Carpet and Pet Hair – Canister vacuums, with powerful motors, long hoses and wands and a wide range of accessories, can clean your whole house with better suction and filtration than a stick vacuum and more flexibility than an upright.

We tested nine canister vacuums, from $60 to over $1,000, on everything from deep carpet to scraped hardwood to cat trees, to find the vacuums that best balanced cleaning power, maneuverability, filtration and price.


1.Miele Classic C1

With extremely powerful suction and an Active AirClean filter, this canister vacuum is one of your best options if you own a dog or a cat.

It comes with a 6-speed level option that allows you to set the pace according to the surface area that you are cleaning. It also comprises 5 level height adjustment option that offers enhanced surface cleaning and works really well when removing pet hair from rugs and carpets.


It’s a super lightweight and compact vacuum clear that is really easy to move around, and it comes with two wand attachments that provide great access to tough-to-reach areas and corners.

This canister vacuum is ideally suitable for removing pet hair from bare floors and other similar smooth surfaces. It comes with a blower port that helps blow away debris, pet hair, and dirt.


This canister vacuum features multi-cyclonic technology that provides amazing suction that can go on for longer hours. This helps it pick even the smallest hair particles from bare floor surfaces as well as carpets and rugs.

It comes with a hard floor Turbine foot that gently removes all the dirt and debris from floors. It is extremely compact and lightweight, which allows hassle-free carrying and storage.

4.Kenmore 81615

Many people often focus on how versatile or multipurpose a product is, and if you happen to be one of those, this canister vacuum is for you!

It has a multipurpose design that allows you to use this vacuum cleaner not only in your home but also in the garage, kitchen, den, and other areas too.

It features a unique motorized attachment called ‘pet powermate’ that helps lift stubborn pet hair and dander from different surfaces at super-fast speeds


Do you fancy a portable canister vacuum for pet hair that you can easily take with you or move around whenever you want?

The Oreck Compact Canister Vacuum is possibly one of the lightest canister vacuums, as it weighs just 5.5 pounds!

It is highly portable as compared to any traditional canister vacuum and does a great job at removing pet hair from your home.

6.Prolux Tritan

With powerful suction abilities and deep cleaning features, there’s no wonder why the Prolux Tritan Canister Hard Floor Vacuum is one of the best canister vacuums for pet hair.

It has a compact body with big suction that helps clean carpets, tiles, hardwood floors, rugs, and so much more!

The vacuum cleaner comes with anti-allergy sealed heap filtration that keeps all the dust, dirt, and debris well inside the vacuum until it’s ready to be disposed of.


This Good Housekeeping Seal star is our Lab go-to because it comes fully stocked with features that’ll suck up every last bit of pet hair. A tangle-free brush roll, a light to find hidden messes and a detachable canister are all included. The canister is bagless so there’s no worrying about changing a full bag.

To minimize the mess when emptying the canister, Bissell has a technology that “spools” the hair inside the canister, so it comes out as one easy-to-remove mass instead of individual strands.


Best Canister Vacuum for Carpet and Pet Hair – To help any vacuum do a better job at removing pet hair, our cleaning pros recommend giving fur-covered carpets and couches a spritz of an anti-static spray, like Static Guard, before vacuuming to help strands come up easier.