Best Canister Vacuum Under 150

Best Canister Vacuum Under 150 – It is not always about how much you spent, but the product you buy. At least that holds true when buying the best vacuum under 150. The market is full of cleaners that will fit into your budget only if you know what you want.

In this article, I selected the best pieces that will not only meet your budget but also do the job you intend for them.


You can now make a bold decision and bring home a cleaning champ that will not cost you an arm and leg. I hope that we have been of help and we made your decision easy.

1.Kenmore 81214


The Kenmore 81214 200 Series is the cheapest vacuum in its range. It offers great value for money, although an amount of buyers seems to be disappointed with the overall decline of build quality, compared with older models. It gets the job done though, and lots of buyers seem happy with the powerful suction and usability.

The Kenmore 200 Series is a bagged canister vacuum that works on all floors and wipes out pesky pet hair. This sturdy vacuum cleaner boasts a dual-motor system that controls the brush roll agitator and suction power, both of which you can adjust via the fingertip controls on the handle.



The Eureka had a lot to live up to in terms of performance, especially considering the records of other, more expensive vacuums we tested. That said, it held its own, coming out on top in some tests.

On low-pile carpet, the Eureka collected 100 percent of the Fruity Cheerios, 77 percent of the sand-sawdust mix, and 100 percent of the pet hair. This made it the top performer with Cheerios, outpacing more expensive models.



This BISSELL 3-in-1 Lightweight Corded Stick Vacuum Variants offers users a fresh and reliable option for cleaning floors as needed. It can be used on carpet, area rugs and hard floors to keep dust, dirt and debris at bay. This lightweight stick vacuum has a quick-release handle that can be removed while keeping the foot attached for convenient stair cleaning.

Then, by removing both the handle and the foot, it can be used as a hand vacuum on countertops or upholstery. This BISSELL stick vacuum is available in several colors, ensuring a trendy and functional look for homes. It has a convenient wrap around cord that makes it simple to put away when not in use.



The Hoover Air Cordless also struggled on the sand test, calling its suction power into question. It picked up 43 percent of the sand on mid-pile, 57 percent of the sand on low-pile, and 59 percent of the sand on hardwood. Even the Hoover Linx stick vacuum, which shouldn’t theoretically be more powerful than the Air Cordless, did significantly better on the hardwood test.

We also did a suction test to compare the airflow of the Air Cordless to the brand’s WindTunnel 3 upright and the Linx stick vacuum. Interestingly, the WindTunnel 3 had an airflow of 41 cubic feet per minute (cfm), the Linx got 36.5, and the Air Cordless reached just 23 cfm. These results are consistent with the performance results.

5.Oreck Commercial XL


A vacuum is a staple cleaning tool for a modern home. The Oreck Commercial XL2100RGH Upright Vacuum Cleaner cuts vacuuming down to the bare bones—mighty ones. A solid vacuum needs the suction power to pull dirt and debris out of various carpet pile lengths and hard floors.

It should be easy to empty and needs a cord that’s long enough to let you navigate your home without too many outlet changes. With so many high-powered, feature-laden models available, we wanted to see how this commercial-grade, bare-bones model performed daily.

Best Canister Vacuum Under 150 – BUYER’S GUIDE

  • Filtration system

Without proper filtration, your cleaning will be in vain. The dirt will be released back where you have cleaned. As you go shopping, you must know several options for filters for vacuums. Currently, HEPA filtration is the best for cleaning appliances. It is an airtight system that allows powerful airflow, which in turn increases the performance of your device. Some vacuum cleaners do not come with HEPA filters but they leave the option of buying them separately.

  • Suction power

Most manufacturers will not clearly indicate the suction power required by a certain cleaning tool. Whether it is an innocent or intentional omission, you should not be convinced to look it as inconsequential. Be keen not to confuse suction power with wattage. The wattage is more inclined to the motor and that cannot correctly define suction.

Air watt is what you should be focused on because it directly affects suction. With higher suction, you also get better performance from your tool. However, do not expect a lot of that from a $150 vacuum.

  • Power brush

At times, you will have to clean stubborn stains on your floors. That calls for a power brush that will be tough on the stains but gentle on delicate surfaces. It is prudent to check and confirm whether your vacuum has the power brush feature. It is small in size and easily penetrates tight areas to remove hidden dirt. It will come to your help when dealing with pet hair and other forms of grime. In particular, the brush tool will be a big help when cleaning your car interior, the stairs, and upholstery.

  • Versatility

You will be cleaning several surfaces at home ranging from floors to curtains. Therefore, it is mandatory to choose a cleaner that can work on the surfaces. There are several vacuum cleaners under 150 that are versatile and we have included a number of them in our review list. You should have in mind the kind of floors and other surfaces you will be cleaning when you go shopping.

Choosing a device that can clean many surfaces saves you money and time. However, do not be obsessed with an all-round cleaner that you forget to insist on other considerations.

  • Attachments

We all want a cleaner that can do a lot of things. We want it to clean the floors, stairs, ceiling, curtains, upholstery, and under the furniture. You cannot get all these without the appropriate attachments. You have to thoroughly inspect the machine before you buy it and ascertain that it has the necessary attachments.

A few of them include crevice tools, dusting brushes, extensive hose, telescopic wand, and upholstery tool. Such a lineup of attachments is a guarantee that you can clean almost everything in your house. Again, since this is only 150-dollar equipment, you should not be hard-pressed to get one with all the tools we have listed here.

  • Level of noise

Some vacuums make a lot of noise. You can hardly hear a knock at your door when you clean. That is a mistake and you should not choose such a machine. Typically, a low-noise level cleaner has a rating of between 60 and 70 decibels. Anything with a higher rating is not only a bad idea but also a danger to your hearing health. You should prioritize the noise level of your cleaning device because you also do not want to be a nuisance to your neighbors.

  • Weight

It is counterproductive to buy a heavy cleaning tool. It will slow down your cleaning as well as make it a hard task to carry your vacuum down or up the stairs. Generally, vacuums in this range of prices are lightweight but that should not blind you to the idea that you may need something that you can easily carry from one level of building to another.

If you are cleaning on the same level, the question of weight should not be a big thing. However, if you are living in a two-story building then you should make sure your cleaning machine is lightweight. Additionally, do not forget to choose equipment that will demand a lot of storage space. Most of the time we do not have much space to spare and you should be cautious about any appliance you bring home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there an overall best vacuum cleaner under 150?

A: Well, the market is literally exploding with cleaners in this price range. We can all agree that it is not going to be an easy search. Luckily, our review list has some of the best pieces in the market right now. If you can pick any of them, then you are definitely making the right choice. Whatever you buy has to fit into your preferences and meet your expectations. Only then can you say you bought the best cleaner under 150.

Q: Can I really trust a vacuum selling for less than 150?

A: If you do your homework, then you have nothing to worry about a vacuum going for less than 150. It is all about cutting through the myriad options and finding what suits your needs. For a start, we have reviewed a few options that would be worth the investment. That would be a good place to start.

Q: Is it worth it spending on a cheap vacuum?

A: Nothing is perfect. Even the most expensive vacuums are not void of flaws. But we can vouch for the machines we have reviewed in this article. They are worth the money and will do whatever they promise. Of course, they cannot match the likes of Dyson, Shark, and Miele vacuums; but they are the crème de la crème of their level.


Vacuuming is an energy-draining activity, but it can be effortless with the right equipment. By the right equipment, we don’t mean you have to spend a fortune to get one. There are cheap vacuum cleaners that cost less than $150 but that will still get the job done. However, the market has plenty of these cleaners and finding the right one can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, in this article, I went out of our way to test the best vacuum under 150. My search and testing was pretty extensive. As a career cleaner I hadn’t actually used many cheap vacuums, so this was a bit out of my comfort zone – but I was pretty pleased with what I managed to find out for you, my valued readers.

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