Best Central Vacuum Powerhead for Pet Hair

Best Central Vacuum Powerhead for Pet Hair – If you want your vacuum to work correctly, then make sure to invest in the best central vacuum powerhead. The central vacuum powerhead decides the quality of cleaning.

Even if you have a premium vacuum, but its central vacuum powerhead is of low quality, then you will struggle to get a better cleaning outcome.

Without a central vacuum powerhead, you cannot perform the cleaning task. The prime purpose of a central vacuum powerhead is to eliminate dust, debris and other pollutants from the floor.


1.Wessel Werk

The Wessel Werk EBK 360 is a much popular powerhead with a vast range of uses. This powerhead arrives in a simple grey color and has a total weight of around 9.68 pounds.

Apart from the weight, the dimensions of the Wessel Werk Powerhead is approximately 27 x 15.5 x 9.5 inches. With the Wessel EBK 360 Powerhead, you will also receive an integrated wand.

Further, this product has a quick disconnect wand. Using the quick disconnect wand, you can conveniently attach or remove this powerhead from the vacuum wherever you want.


If you have a Beam, Nutone, Hayden, Vacuflo, Air-Vac or an Electrolux vacuum, you should buy the Cen-Tec Powerhead because it supports all these vacuums.

Cen-Tec Powerhead is an affordable unit with a weight of 4.5 pounds. Apart from weight, the dimension of the Cen-Tec unit is 15 x 3.4 x 13.25 inches. The use of the TurboCat turbine delivers high-graded airflow.

Further, the Cen-Tec Powerhead has a traditional shape and a white hue. With this powerhead, you will attain a constant contact with the floor, which will result in much better cleaning.

3.Beam Q200

Do you want a powerhead for your electric vacuum? If yes, then select the Beam Central Vacuum Powerhead. It is a beautiful design powerhead, which contains a combination of black and white hues.

Apart from the beautiful design, the material used in Beam Powerhead is also durable. Further, 6.09 pounds is the weight of this powerhead, while the dimension of this model is 19.09 x 13.4 x 4.49 inches.

In contrast to many other high-end powerheads, the Beam Powerhead appears with a foot pedal switch. The foot pedal switch will allow you to switch the powerhead off and on with no effort.

4.Ultra Clean

Further, this hose also has a greater diameter that provides better airflow. Besides, it also has an ergonomic handle that delivers a soft grip.

Because of the soft handle, you will not face any stress on your hands even after holding it for a longer duration. Another premium thing about the Alder Comet device is that it has a 3-way switch option.

In addition, this model also delivers an LED headlight option. This LED headlight will make it easier to perform the cleaning task even in dark places.

5.GV Central Vacuum

Apart from powerhead, if you also want to purchase a hose, nozzle and a few other additional tools for your vacuum, then make sure to select the GV Powerhead kit.

This unit arrives with a carpet power nozzle that supports a better cleaning performance. In addition, you will obtain a better level of airflow because of it.

Besides, the GV Vacuum Powerhead also introduces a hose of around 30 feet. The 30 feet hose will deliver you a greater cleaning range.

6.ZVac Central Vacuum

In terms of durability, it is hard to beat the ZVac EX Powerhead. The ZVac EX Powerhead appears with all premium equipment.

The ZVac Powerhead holds a weight of around 5.34 pounds while the dimension of this unit is 13.4 x 9 x 5.5 inches. You will obtain a rigid metal roller with this unit.

The metal roller will help you to remove pet hair from the floor much efficiently. Furthermore, the ZVac EX Powerhead has a geared belt system that provides better connectivity between the brush roller and the motor shaft.

7.Cen-Tec 9348

When it comes to the vacuum parts and accessories, Cen-Tec Systems is the first brand that might arise to numerous people’s mind.

The Cen-Tec brand is popular because of producing high-quality hose, powerhead, nozzles and other parts of a vacuum. The 93048 Central Vacuum Kit is also a top-notch product by this brand.

With this kit, you will gain a hose of 40 feet. This 40 feet hose will permit you to clean higher places as well. Further, the hose also carries a built-in switch control.

This switch control makes operating the vacuum a lot easier. Another great thing about the hose is its greater flexibility level.


Best Central Vacuum Powerhead for Pet Hair – Therefore, you should only prefer the best central vacuum powerhead if you want to achieve better performance.

There are many central vacuum powerheads available in the market so you might struggle to choose the right one for you.