Best Central Vacuum System

Best Central Vacuum System – And all that back-breaking effort and muscle strain don’t make the process any better. While we can’t really add an element of fun to this chore, what we can do is introduce you to central vacuum systems.

These devices are the ultimate vacuuming solution to help clean your house without consuming a lot of your effort or time. Besides, they come in different specifications and price ranges to fit different budgets and requirements.


1.OVO Central Vacuum

Honestly, we weren’t quite sure about the abilities of this unit after seeing its compact design. However, the customer reviews proved us wrong in no time! At the helm of affairs is a powerful 2-stage motor that enables the suction to pull up almost anything.

On top of that, it uses “soft-start technology,” which helps extend the life of the motor up to 20% more than ordinary systems. It will automatically prevent the vacuum cleaner from shutting down to get rid of the extra debris out of the hose and piping network.

2.Allegro MU4500

The Allegro MU4500 Champion is great for beginners, thanks to shipping with dozens of useful accessories, including a lengthy hose that comes in at 35 feet, a telescopic extension wand, an electric carpet powerhead, and much more. The Ametek Lamb blower motor is high-quality and boasts 1,855 watts of cleaning power and 124 CFM of airflow. This central vacuum also comes equipped with a self-cleaning fiber filtration system, reducing the number of maintenance checks you’ll have to perform, and some intuitive settings to adjust suction control.

Though this vacuum does come with an integrated wall mounting bracket, it does not ship with some of the necessary tools to complete a successful wall-based installation, including lag bolts. Also, this unit is on the louder side, even with a power muffler installed.

3.Imperium CV300

The Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum boasts plenty of cleaning power while including a motor that is on the quieter side, creating just 58Db of noise as it operates. The integrated power motor can adequately clean up to 7,500 square feet, with a 138 CFM rating, and the steel construction is highly durable and should last for years to come. We also loved the container size here, as this central vacuum can hold nearly seven gallons of dirt and debris.

Though the 6.7-gallon tank is certainly large, this is not a bagless design, so expect to perform some general maintenance tasks such as changing out the bags every once in a while. Additionally, there is no hose included, unlike some of the best central vacuum kits on the market. And while you’re on the market for a vacuum cleaner, it’s also important to pick a model with a battery that won’t give out after just a few minutes just like what you get with the best handheld vacuum cleaner.

4.Nutone PurePower

If you live in a smaller space, this unit will work well for you. It can handle up to 4000 square feet and has a large capacity in both suction and dirt collection. This model delivers 500 air watts and has a 22-liter disposable bag.

Sound-proofing material is built in to reduce noise from the motor.

5.Vacumaid P125p

The Vacumaid P125p Cyclonic Central Vacuum is a great choice to replace your aged or broken central vacuum system, as it contains all of the necessary tools and components to complete the job without any assistance from a professional. The Ametek Lamb motor is powerful, operating up to 116 CFM and made from highly durable components like aluminum alloy and galvanized steel.

Though the cleaning power here is top-notch, this central vacuum is rather noisy during operation, creating nearly 80Db of noise. Also, there is no hose included with this kit, though if you are replacing an older vacuum you may already have a hose at the ready. You may also consider getting one of the best stick vacuum cleaner that combines an efficient motor with a powerful battery and keeps the vac going long enough to clean your house – plus a conversion option to handheld with multiple attachments for your stairs and furniture.

6.Ultra Clean SC200

The Ultra Clean SC200 features a highly durable and non-corrosive exterior that is manufactured with an electrostatic powder coat finish. The Ametek Lamb tangential discharge bypass blower motor boasts 121 CFM of airflow and 125-inches of water suction power, with a two-stage fan system. This vacuum also comes equipped with a high-grade HEPA filtration system, which helps keep soot and debris from permeating the air.

The filtration system is top-notch, though it does necessitate a bagged design, so you’ll have to perform general maintenance and dispose of the bags every once in a while. The container does hold more than five gallons of debris, however, so you won’t have to change out too bags too often. And it is always nice to have a model with an exhaust vent that blows vigorously just like any of the best vacuums for hardwood floors.

7.Dirt Devil

The HP Products 9880 Dirt Devil Central Vacuum is a great all-in-one kit with a vacuum that is small and light enough to be considered a great portable option for cleaning a wide variety of rooms and spaces. The motor can clean up to 100 CFM, which is a fantastic metric for a vacuum this size, and this vacuum ships with a number of accessories, including a hose that can extend to a fantastic 35 feet.

The extreme portability on offer here does come with some drawbacks, including a one-gallon dirt and debris capacity. Also, this is not a bagless design and with the capacity on the smaller side, you may be changing out those bags fairly regularly. For more mobility, you may want to consider one of the best cordless vacuums on the market.


Best Central Vacuum System – We know it can be tiring dragging a heavy vacuum cleaner around your home. And it’s time-consuming having to plug-unplug it several times to clean your whole house.

A central vacuum system is an investment worth making. You’ll help to protect your loved ones as they provide better air quality inside your house. Plus they’re quiet and easy to use. But they’re also powerful and don’t require much maintenance once installed.