Best Cheap Pool Vacuum

Best Cheap Pool Vacuum – The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is our favorite model due to its easy programming, energy-efficient operation, and top-load filter cartridges. The team at PoolCleanerPlanet chose the next-best model to be the Dolphin Premier Robotic. It has the option to use filter cartridges or a leaf bag, an extremely efficient motor, and a three-year warranty. The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 takes third place with its easy installation and great performance with larger debris. Its low price makes it the best overall value for the money.

The Hayward AquaNaut 400 earns the fourth place with its four-wheel drive and great roller skirt, though it struggles with walls. The Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner comes with the robotic operation and Aqua-Trax tires, but its high price and issues with walls hurt its value. In the sixth, the Hayward Poolvergnuegen ‘The Pool Cleaner’ has self-adjusting turbine vanes and pre-programmed steering sequences, but it has problems with walls and algae.


1.Dolphin Nautilus CC

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic is our choice for the best automatic pool cleaner on the market. The robotic nature of this unit will save you some money on your next electric bill. Traditional suction-side or pressure-side cleaners are not quite as smart as the Dolphin Nautilus. The Dolphin Nautilus has built-in smart scanning technology to help it identify the areas that need the most help.

When it comes to taking care of your Dolphin Nautilus CC, you simply remove the easy to clean filter cartridges and put them back in. It’s a job that will take you just a few minutes.

2.Polaris Vac-Sweep

The Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 is the best of the pressure-side pool vacuums. It cleans well, even if you don’t have a booster pump. You can run this cleaner off your primary pump, which ultimately saves you lots of money relative to models requiring a booster pump. This cleaner is also straightforward to install, and most people can get it done in 20 minutes.

The Polaris does best with large leaves and debris in your pool. If your pool is located under a tree and you find yourself continually skimming the pool, hoping that the leaves don’t fall, Polaris will have your back.  When it comes to small particles, this machine does not compare to our top two choices.

3.Hayward W3PHS41CST

If you have had the best luck with a suction-side pool cleaner, the Hayward AquaNaut 400 is a great choice.  This model has some power behind it, and even though it is a suction-sided unit, it is faster than many other automatic pool cleaners on the market.

The Hayward AquaNaut 400 has a roller skirt that helps it maintain suction and stay up on the walls of the pool when needed.  One of the most important things about this type of pool cleaner is that the suction power needs to be strong enough to keep the unit climbing. If you lose suction power, then this cleaner will stay on the bottom of the pool and move slowly.  Make sure you check to make sure that this model is compatible with your current pool equipment.

4.Polaris 9550

The Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner includes some robotic features that most people will find handy. It has an excellent sensor technology, which allows it to clean your pool evenly, and a seven-day programmable timer with a handheld remote. Its Aqua-Trax tires have a superior grip relative to many of the models on our list.

This Polaris is a solid overall choice that will do well at picking up both dirt and larger objects.

As long as the dirt is on the bottom of the pool, you will be pleased with the Polaris F9550. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a model that will also climb the walls of the pool, the Polaris tends to struggle with that.

5.Zodiac G3

The Zodiac Baracuda G3 is another high-quality suction-side pool cleaner. You may like it a lot if you have a low-speed pump, as it works well with low-speed pumps. If you don’t have a booster or don’t want to buy one, this cleaner is a good investment. It features a large wheel deflector, which helps it get out of tight corners in your pool and get back to work.

The actual size of this unit with its large cleaning disc makes it more efficient on every pass it makes through the pool. This Zodiac Baracuda is unfortunately not as easy to assemble as some other models.


The Pentair LL505G Kreepy Krauly is an excellent model to consider if you have a darker pool. It’s colored in a way that helps it stand out better in darker pools. This will save you a lot of time since you won’t have to search for your pool cleaner every time you use it. It also features a large intake throat that makes it suitable with larger debris, so it’s a good buy for wooded properties.

One of the positive design features is the four wheels, which leave it better-balanced than most three-wheel designs.


If you were waiting for the pure budget model, you have found it with the XtremepowerUS 75037 Pool Cleaner Vacuum . The best thing about it is that it comes with effortless assembly and installation. You won’t waste a lot of time getting this machine set up and can have it cleaning your pool fast. This unit is priced so low that you can replace it a few times for the cost of some other models if that is the type of machine you are looking for.

However, this cleaner doesn’t work with large debris at all. If leaves or acorns fall into your pool, they can clog this machine and cause it to stop working. That’s a big problem, as this cleaner already has jamming issues that causes it to malfunction.


Best Cheap Pool Vacuum – Keeping a swimming pool clean and clear is no small job and, in the absence of an automatic pool cleaner, requires hours of manual scrubbing and vacuuming. Spend less time on routine maintenance and more time enjoying your backyard oasis with the help of a pool cleaner.

Automatic pool cleaners typically require an investment of around $100 up to $1,000 or more. As the features increase, so does the price tag. However, whether you spend a lot or a little, you’re likely to agree that the savings in time can be well worth the cost. Pool cleaners are available for both inground and above-ground pools, though inground pool cleaners generally are more full-featured and will often clean the walls of your pool, as well.