Best Coffee Vacuum Container

Best Coffee Vacuum Container – If you grind your own coffee at home (versus buying pre-ground bags), you know how important it is to have the right container to hold the beans in waiting.

Air, UV light, and moisture can all ruin your beans before you can enjoy them. Which means you’ve gotta protect them. How? We figured coffee pros would have some suggestions. We asked seven experts to share their favorite storage solutions for the coffee they keep at home.



The stainless steel Miir Coffee Canister is the best bet because it has a compression seal, says Kathy Altamirano, coffee sales manager for Oatly. Altamirano admits she works slowly through her coffee supply, so having a tight seal is essential for extending her beans’ shelf life.

With the Miir’s unique accordion-style seal that sits directly on top of the coffee beans, any air inside that might cause the beans to go stale prematurely is pushed outside of the canister as it’s closed.

2.Fellow Atmos Vacuum

Brandon Bir, director of education and sustainability for Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, says he loves the popular Fellow’s Atmos Vacuum Canister.

“I use the large one, and it holds a retail bag [12 ounces] and locks out oxygen. Also, I like the look — Fellow just crushes the ‘pretty’ game,” Bir says.


Driftaway Coffee cofounder and owner Suyog Mody says he’s a big fan of the glazed ceramic Airscape Classic. It looks neat and holds eight ounces, one pound, or 2.5 pounds, depending on the size you buy, Mody says. Plus, it’s “easy to clean and use!”

Coffee educator Allie Caran seconds that vote. “I love my Airscape!” The models come in a whole rainbow of chic colors, too!

4.OXO Steel POP

Oxo manufactures a variety of items to help households run smoothly, including its line of POP containers. This 1.7-quart BPA-free1 POP container is specifically designed for coffee and is an excellent budget pick.

Like Oxo’s other POP containers, the easy-to-use lid forms an airtight seal when the button is pressed down. The button can also be used as a handle when raised.

5.Barnyard canister

While most canisters have moved toward sleeker, more modern designs, nothing compares to the idyllic look of these countryside canisters from Barnyard Designs. The four-piece set is made from old-school tin and has bold lettering for flour, tea, and sugar, as well as coffee. You can purchase the item in four colors, from a muted white or mint to a striking red or teal.

Don’t let the rustic aesthetic fool you: These canisters have improved storage abilities compared to their 20th-century inspiration


Best Coffee Vacuum Container – Proper storage is an essential but easily overlooked factor in coffee’s taste. Even mild exposure to sunlight and oxygen will reduce shelf life and diminish flavor, so it’s best to keep beans in a dark, vacuum-sealed container.