Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher

Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher – To wipe the leaves from garages, commercial walkways, and yards you need to buy the best commercial leaf vacuum mulcher. Without a commercial leaf vacuum mulcher, they can’t vanish.

Leaf vacuum mulcher works with the blower and mulcher. The blower attached in a vacuum will quickly gather the leaves while the mulcher will cut them down in pieces and store them in a garbage bag.


1.Toro 51621

Kicking off our list is the Toro 51621 leaf blower vacuum that comes with a superior blowing and mulching ability proven in a controlled lab. It comes with an impressive 350 cfm blow mode and 410 cfm vacuum mode.

The modes give the vacuum sufficient power to collect as many leaves as possible in considerably lesser time.

It doesn’t only act as a leaf blower or vacuum; it also shreds the leaves it collects for smoother disposal. Its bag is made explicitly for leaf particles hence the reason the vacuum destroys leaves.

2.WORX WG505

The Worx leaf vacuum packs incredible power with speed for a vacuum that can suck up to 14 gallons of dry leaves in just one minute. The metal impeller chops multiple bags of leaves to only one bag.

With its adjustable speed, this vacuum allows you to slow it down to just 80mph for areas that require closer attention. You, therefore, don’t have to overlook corners for later. While at maximum speed, you get rates of up to 210mph.


The Black+Decker leaf blower vacuum with its 12-amp motor which can give you speeds of up to 250 miles per hour is next on our list. With this vacuum, you get to have a dual speed selection.

You can eliminate leaves off driveways, your yard, or sidewalks with this lightweight leaf vacuum. What’s better is that you don’t have to restrict yourself to just leaving. This leaf blower can also get rid of other debris, such as grass clippings.

4.KIMO 20V

Tired of the other heavy leaf vacuums that are hard to carry? The Kimo portable leaf vacuum will be an excellent option for you. It weighs an incredibly light 2 lbs. That makes it very easy to use.

Unlike the other vacuums, the Kimo vacuum is only a 2-in-1. It combines blower and vacuum capabilities. A significant win for it, however, you get to use it anywhere as it is not only portable but also cordless.

5.Craftsman B215

The fuel tank has a 17.6 fl. Oz capacity enables it to run for a longer time as you clean. What’s terrific about this vacuum is that you don’t have to put up with impeding cords since it uses gas for fuel.

Worried the gas fuel might be an environmental risk? Worry not for the Hitachi vacuum that comes with a low emission two-stroke engine that is environment friendly. For more effortless operation, it has a large two-finger throttle lever.


This handheld vacuum comes with an x-torque engine specially made to reduce harmful emissions by over fifty percent and boosts fuel efficiency by up to twenty percent.

To prevent your arm from being pulled downwards as you operate the vacuum, the handle has unique offsets that reduce blow forces. You can, therefore, utilize the full power of the vacuum without any strain on your arm.

A common issue with handheld machines is the constant vibration subjected to your arms. That’s why the Husqvarna comes with dampeners that reduce the vibrations to a minimum.

7.Greenworks 40V

Closing off our list is the Greenworks Leaf vacuum that is specially made to give a high-powered performance and superior mulching.

It comes with a powerful 12-amp motor that generates up to 230 mph of airspeed. The speed makes your work easier by helping clear leaves and other debris more efficiently.

This vacuum allows you a 2-speed control for better functioning in either vacuum or blower mode. You don’t need any other tools to switch between vacuum and blower.


Best Commercial Leaf Vacuum Mulcher – People have the idea that using a leaf vacuum is a lot like vacuuming indoors, as if you just move smoothly along leaving a clean path behind you. It’s not that simple. If that’s what you want, a lawn mower with a bag works better. Leaf vacuums do have their place in cleaning up yard debris in the great outdoors, but it’s up to you to find their optimal use.