Best Commercial Vacuum for Restaurants

Best Commercial Vacuum for Restaurants – In both a home or business, carpets should be immaculately clean. A dingy carpet is an eyesore, and trapped dirt and dust can trigger allergies.

To give your carpet an industrial clean, it’s important to have the right vac. A commercial vacuum offers a truly deep clean that no regular vacuum can beat.

In this article, we’ll share the best commercial vacuums available so you can find one that will truly lift all the dirt from your carpets.


1.Dyson Cyclone V10

This lightweight and versatile Dyson vacuum cleans right through dirt and messes for up to 60 minutes.

It requires charging for 3.5 hours before first use and is worth the wait.

In suction mode ll, the direct drive cleaner head allows for up to 20 minutes of fade free cleaning power.

It drives stiff bristles into dirty carpets to capture deep down dirt. Also, the fully sealed filtration system traps 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 microns which shows you its power.


With a lightweight design, this backpack vacuum weighs 9 pounds and allows for supreme mobility.

Its chiropractor designed harness reduces back pain and user strain.

The Hoover Backpack Vacuum cleans without disrupting the environment around you.

Its extra long power cord switches outlets less often between cleans.

This vacuum is powerful, effective, and versatile. It provides an incredibly easy and thorough vacuuming experience.


This Shark commercial vacuum has a dust cup capacity of 1.3 quarts with a Lift Away pod for convenient cleaning of stairs.

Its Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology with HEPA enables enhanced cleaning that removes allergens and dirt.

It weighs 15 pounds, making it fairly lightweight for most users, and has a hose length of 8.4 feet.


This Oreck vac’s automatic floor adjustment lets it move between carpets and hard surfaces without changes to manual settings.

Its powerful, high-speed, and balanced brush roll with double helix brushes whirls at over 6,000 RPM and removes dirt and debris.

The vacuum has a 12 inch cleaning path, and its circuit breaker helps protect against jams and clogs.

5.eureka Blaze

Cleaning can be difficult in larger areas, especially for those who are smaller or have back pain or other issues. Not to mention that hauling around heavy machines can actually lead to problems like back pain or injury.

The Eureka Sanitaire Commercial Canister Vacuum solves this problem by offering solid power while weighing only 8 lbs. It’s light and to push and pull, and can be easily lifted and moved.

It also comes with a 7’ flexible hose, and a 20’ power cord to reach a wide cleaning area.


This ProTeam backpack vacuum offers a combination of portability and power. And its large 10 qt filter is 3x larger than the standard model. This means you can clean for longer periods without having to change bags.

This is an ideal vacuum for cleaning larger high-traffic areas like stadiums, arenas, or convention centers.

It comes with tons of accessories too, including multi-floor surface tool for different floor types, crevice tool, dust brush, and a wand attachment.

7.Sanitaire – SC679K

Even for those businesses on a budget, a good vacuum is a must. Sanitaire’s commercial upright model offers the industrial cleaning power of a quality machine. But without a price that breaks the bank.

A sturdy motor offers over 500 hours of commercial quality clean. And the large bag can hold up to 18 quarts of soil.


Best Commercial Vacuum for Restaurants – The thing is, there is a lot to consider when you are looking for a good commercial vacuum. You have to be sure that you get a cleaner that will work on whatever floor types that you have, and whether it needs to be able to clean on multiple surfaces.

Its cord length is also important, as you probably don’t want to plug and unplug it over and over again. Also, pay attention to the types of attachments and the type of vacuum that will work best for your needs. Now, this can seem pretty daunting, since there is so much to take into consideration.