Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Best Commercial Vacuum SealerWelcome to the Thomas guide to the best commercial vacuum sealer 2021. Thomas has been connecting North American industrial buyers and suppliers for more than 120 years. When you purchase products through our independent recommendations, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Preserving food and foodstuffs has never been easier than with a commercial vacuum sealer. These appliances are a must-have for restaurants, meat and food processors, or any business that provides large quantities of meals, like a hospital or hotel. Vacuum sealers preserve vast amounts of meats, liquids, and other foods by vacuuming air and oxygen from a specially made bag, thereby sealing them to be stored for later use.


1.Vacmaster VP230

VacMaster is one of the leading manufacturers of chamber vacuum sealers, and this commercial-grade sealer is designed for professional use. Its heavy-duty construction, automatic start, and one-foot sealing bar make it an ideal choice for a restaurant or other food-providing business.

This unit has an oil pump and weighs almost 100 pounds. “It seals everything,” one satisfied buyer commented. “Fine powders like flour, liquids to include soup, and even water. I’ve used it for grains, miscellaneous non-food parts, sugar, and even stuff in mason jars up to a quart in size.”

2.PolyScience 300

This PolyScience 300 commercial vacuum sealer is a must for sous vide chefs and is explicitly designed to seal liquids with its five different vacuum speeds. This appliance also comes with a handy marinate timer, three automatic settings for stews, fish, or meat, and a dry-piston pump motor that reduces overall maintenance.

Some shoppers helpfully suggested reducing the vacuum pressure to avoid the contents boiling over. One buyer wrote, “If you are sealing with liquids involved for sous vide cooking, the PolyScience 300 is worth every penny.”

3.LEM Products 1253

Whether working in a hospital or a high-volume restaurant, this LEM commercial vacuum sealer can seal foods for 10 hours straight without overheating. It has a practical storage bag container and cutter and is very lightweight at only 22 pounds. Its five-year warranty makes this one of the best options for a commercial environment.

One customer reported, “I just vacuum-sealed 40 pounds of chicken and 15 pounds of ground beef, took 30 minutes, and it never stopped,” and another added, “Absolutely the best vacuum packer we have used for continuous use.”

4.FoodSaver FM5860

Described by dozens of reviewers as a great machine for the price, this Foodsaver vacuum sealer is an excellent option for customers on a budget and includes features you’d expect to see on a pricier model, like a storage bag roller, cutter, automatic wetness recognition, and auto sealer.

It also has a convenient extendable handheld vacuum that allows users to remove air from Ziploc bags, Foodsaver wine stoppers, and other containers. “I’m vacuum sealing everything,” explained one happy purchaser. “The kit comes with enough bags to really test the machine. It’s super easy and quick.”

5.Avid Armor Vacuum

Avid Armor is built with durable steel construction, the A-100 Commercial vacuum sealer is somewhat noteworthy, among others. The machine looks not only maneuverable but also simple to use in practical instances. It can go through sealing up to 12-inches vacuum bags of any kind.

Pulse mode can be used to protect the crushing of food items while sealing. There is a transparent lid for easy loading and checking of items during operation. Moreover, the product comes with the required maintenance kit and starter, which contains an accessory hose, 30 pre-cut vacuum bags, seal tape, and replacement gaskets.

6.Weston 65-0901-w

Weston again comes up with the next best commercial vacuum sealer with all professional qualities. It is not only professional in performance but also looks appealing with regards to appearance.

You just need to press a single button to secure your food items more efficiently.

For repetitive and continuous use of the machine for long hours, a fan-cooled motor is there within the device. You can use a variety of vacuum sealing bags up to 11-inches and also ideal with Ziploc and Food Saver bags. However, those embossed and non-textured bags are incompatible with the machine.


If you are still looking for a highly maneuverable commercial grade vacuum sealer, consider buying this Necso’s unit with various sealing choices at your hand. There’s no doubt that the machine is even suitable to go for double sealing each vacuum bag. Moreover, you can choose between gentle or regular sealing settings.

The machine is overall ergonomic, maneuverable and thus won’t place any difficulty sitting even on your kitchen’s countertop. The simple to use control panel is also provided on top for quick access to its various features. However, the non-availability of roller and cutter won’t affect much with the budget-friendly feature.


Best Commercial Vacuum Sealer – In the following review of the best commercial vacuum sealers, we strictly examined each product and its many features.

The most important features being: airtight bags and seals (important for minimizing spoil for extended periods), size of the machine (for larger foods in medium to large bags), vacuum power and strength (best for rapid seal time), and the vacuum design itself (essential for extracting all the oxygen from an environment). We also considered each product’s design, warranty, and price, so as to pluck out the cream of the crop.