Best Computer keyboard Vacuum

Best Computer keyboard Vacuum – A keyboard vacuum is a remarkably helpful tool for anyone who frequently uses a keyboard, and especially for those whom tend to eat at their computers. The space underneath and between the keys of a keyboard accumulate dust, cigarette ash and food crumbs over time, which can shorten the lifespan of a keyboard, cause keys to stick, gum up the mechanics of better designs, and can attract things like ants and cockroaches as well.

Compressed duster does help some, but short of completely dismantling the keyboard to clean it, your best bet is a keyboard vacuum. This is a tiny vacuum cleaner with a tiny hose that can get between and underneath the keys. They’re usually battery-powered though rechargeable USB variants are becoming very popular for obvious reasons.


1.Metro Vac

Sucking in the dirt and debris from the computer keyboards can be a tough job unless it is paired with blowing action. With Metro Vacuum MDV-1BA, you get a highly functional cleaner that comes with an all-steel construct.

Even with a steel construct, the vacuum cleaner is perfectly light in weight for portability. With its 19-inch long flexible cleaning hose, you can proceed with your cleaning needs to different sections of the computer. The brushes made from soft bristles ensure that no harm comes to the sensitive sections of your computer in any manner.

2.MECO Desktop Vacuum

Your CPU can get messed up when there are dirt and debris lodged deep within the machine. With MECO 8541676815, you get an easy to manage vacuum cleaner that is perfect for your CPU cleaning needs. The cleaner fits easily on your desktop and adjusts the suction speed as required.

Whether it is hair, dust, crumbs, or heavy debris present inside the CPU, this vacuum cleaner can handle it all with ease. Apart from being a perfect fit for your CPU cleaning needs, this vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean laptops, piano, pet houses, or cars.

3.Deli Desktop Vacuum

Cleaning your computer on a budget is something we all want. However, very few vacuum cleaners are actually capable of bringing in all the features without burning a hole in your pockets. With Deli Mini Vacuum Cleaner, you get access to a cleaner that is perfect for your car seat, desktop, computer keyboard, and more.

With a sleek round design, this vacuum cleaner is ideal for your daily computer cleaning needs. Apart from adding a range of features to the cleaner, it is created from top-grade ABS material that lasts longer than generic plastic items.

4.Brigii Handheld Vacuum

The presence of HEPA filters ensures that no amount of allergen or dirt takes a toll on your hygiene requirements. This portable and lightweight vacuum cleaner is a cordless variant that brings in a great suction force. With Brigii, you get access to a device that can be stored easily, and even in an upright position.

This vacuum cleaner for computers delivers a dual functionality of suction and blowing. The smart design brings in enough cyclonic suction to be used efficiently over small areas such as a keyboard, car interior, workstation area, as well as kitchen cabinets.


If you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner with a fan, the Honlibey computer vacuum cleaner comes with a fan blowing action to ensure no debris is stuck within the system. Ideal for cleaning things such as hairs, dust, crumbs, cigarettes, scraps, and so much more, this vacuum cleaner will be your go-to option for desktop cleaning needs.

With minimal power consumption, this mini-sized vacuum cleaner comes with a range of nozzles to adhere to your cleaning needs. The cleaner is easy to use and durable as it is made up of high-quality ABS material.

6.ZOpid Mini

PORTABLE & HANDHELD CLEANER: Easy to use, easy to carry, compact, slim mini desktop vacuum cleaner. This mini Handheld vaccum cleaner is especially designed to clean desktop, and computer & computer accessories.

The vacuum cleaner features squeezable keyboard rubber attachment, and brush & tube attachment. So if you want to vacuum the area underneath your keyboard keys then you just have to slide the squeezable tube between keys and turn ON the vacuum.


The machine uses just two batteries to efficiently clean up your space.

This tabletop cleaner ensures that any crumbs, soot, grit, or hairs can be lifted off easily from your computer. Whether you want to use it daily or for your weekly cleaning cycles, this machine can lift up anything with ease without disturbing the critical system components.


Best Computer keyboard Vacuum – These little vacuums are quiet, easy to use, and very affordable. If you make avail of one of these, you can expect a decent keyboard to last for upwards of three years longer than otherwise, greatly reducing the number of times you need to spend money on a new keyboard and in getting used to the spacing of it as well.

Do not attempt to use a larger portable vacuum cleaner, or anything bigger, on a keyboard, as it will eat the keys and damage the contact sheets underneath the keys.